How is Australia related to other continents? Interesting facts about the Green Continent

What is interesting about the smallest continent of the planet?How is Australia located relative to other continents of the world? And why in this sunny country are so popular ugg boots? Answers to all these questions you will find in our article!

Australia on the world map

Since the time of antiquity, people have been convinced thatsouth of the equator there is a huge continent. On hypothetical maps, they often signed it as Terra Australis. The word australis is translated from Latin exactly as "southern". However, Australia discovered by James Cook was much smaller in size than it was supposed to be.

Australia on the world map

Speaking about this continent, it is very appropriateuse the prefix "most". After all, Australia - is the smallest, the most sunny, the oldest, the driest of the continents of our planet. Many more achievements and records can be attributed to him.

How is Australia located relative to other continents of the Earth, oceans and seas, large islands? This will be discussed in our next section.

How is Australia related to other continents?

Australia is located simultaneously in the Southern and Eastern hemispheres of the Earth. Together with numerous archipelagoes of the Pacific Ocean, it forms a single part of the world called Australia and Oceania.

How Australia is located relative to othersthe continents of the planet? It is worth noting that it is distinguished by its compactness and isolation from other continents. Australia is south of the equator. Her closest neighbor is Eurasia. However, the distance between Cape Piai (the extreme southern point of Asia) and the north-western Australian coast is almost 3000 kilometers!

The coast of the continent is washed by the waters of the seas of two oceans - the Indian and the Pacific. In the immediate vicinity are two large islands: Tasmania in the south and New Guinea in the north.

Scientists believe that it is Australia thatThe first of the modern continents, which millions of years ago separated from the "body" of a single supercontinent of the planet. This explains the stunningly unique and unique local flora and fauna. So, about 70% of the fauna of Australia are endemic (that is, species that are not found anywhere else in the world). Among them - koala, platypus, Tasmanian devil, a nosed cockatoos and, of course, kangaroos!

how Australia is located relative to other continents

8 amazing facts about the nature and climate of Australia

In order to get a better understanding of the nature of this unusual continent, we offer you 8 amazing facts about Australia:

  • The air on the island of Tasmania is recognized as the cleanest in the world;
  • in the south of Australia there is a farm exceeding the area of ​​Belgium;
  • Australians are very fond of kangaroo meat, dishes from it are present in the menu of almost every local restaurant;
  • it is in Australia that the coastal taipen lives - the most poisonous snake on the planet;
  • The largest coral reef of the planet is along the shores of Australia;
  • in Australia is the world's longest wall (5600 km), protecting the lands of Queensland from raids of wild dingoes;
  • snow in the Australian Alps more than in the whole of Switzerland;
  • Despite the hot climate, in Australiapopular warm ugg boots; Australians wear them in their homes, which are poorly protected from cold weather (under cold here is meant a decrease in air temperature to +15 ... +20 degrees).

That's it - Australia! Unusual, interesting and very contrasting.

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