Composition on the painting by Plastov "Summer" for schoolchildren of different ages

Description of works of art isa common task for school-age children. The work on the painting by Plastov "Summer" is one of the works that can be asked to write to schoolchildren. Mums and dads should familiarize themselves with the essence of such a task. Thanks to this, parents will be able to tell their children how to correctly write an essay on the picture of AA. Plastov in the summer. For this it is worthwhile to read the approximate versions of what can be descriptions of an artistic masterpiece, as well as telling a son or daughter that must necessarily be present in the composition.

an essay on the painting by Plastov

How to write a composition according to a picture

Of course, to write a beautiful storyit is necessary to fulfill certain requirements. It is especially important to follow the correct sequence in the process of writing an essay on the painting by Plastov "In the Summer." The approximate plan may be the following:

  1. A general surface description of the picture. This paragraph describes the general impression of the work. Here you can also briefly describe the story, which is transferred to the canvas.
  2. The main part is divided into the description of the image in the foreground, and also it is necessary to tell what is painted on the background of the work. At this point everything should be described in detail.
  3. In conclusion, it is necessary to mention whether the author has received emotions. Also it is necessary to tell what feelings caused the work.

Such a plan will help the child understand the order in which the picture should be described and how to correctly convey his feelings from what he saw on the canvas.

Composition on the painting by Plastov "Summer" for schoolchildren in lower grades

In the lower grades the description of the paintings isThe opportunity for children to convey their emotions and inner experiences. Therefore, the composition of the painting by Plastov "Summer" may well become another home or class assignment. Mums and dads should prepare their son or daughter to write such a task. It is not difficult to do this, it is enough just to show an example of such a creative description. Alternatively, you can use the following essay:


Artist Plastov very beautifully and sincerely conveyedtheir emotions and experiences. I liked everything in the picture without exception. Not surprisingly, because the colors are beautifully combined, and the mood is best conveyed.

In the foreground of the picture is a girl withdog, who sit and relax. Next to them are baskets with mushrooms, by the number it becomes clear that in the forest this company spent many hours. The girl can see the mother, tired of the sun, who lay down on the warm grass and decided to rest. Their halt near two birch trees, one of which can be seen a hole, apparently, it was through it that the juice was extracted in the spring period of time. Everything in the picture is calm and peaceful.

I had the impression that I also visited this forest and enjoyed the scent of summer green grass and mushroom picking. The author very beautifully and correctly conveyed emotions and moods.

essay on the picture of summer

Such an essay is quite suitable for children of lower grades. Therefore, it is worth taking as an example when writing a homework with a child.

Beautiful work on the painting Plastov "Summer" for high school students

Children older than the fifth grade can also be asked to make a description of a work of art as a homework. For example, you can take the following option:


Painting by the artist Plastov "Summer" is a reala masterpiece of art. I really liked the picture, it clearly and correctly conveyed all the emotions, the combination of colors is perfectly matched.

In the foreground is a girl with a dog.It can be seen that they are very tired. Especially fatigue is noticeable on my mother, who, having settled down behind her daughter, rests in the sun. Near them there are several baskets, with a hill full of mushrooms. It immediately becomes clear that they spent a lot of time in the forest. A neat decanter, obviously with water or with milk, blends in harmoniously with the subject matter of the picture.

From this picture it breathes with ease and freedom. Pleasant fatigue from the work done envelops, and creates a sense of presence. Looking at the image, it immediately becomes clear that the artist created this work from the bottom of his heart, to the tips of his fingers impregnated with the mood that is inherent in the main characters of the plot.

an essay on a painting in summer

For such an essay the child will easily receive high marks, and the teacher will praise for the efforts. Therefore, we can safely take this option as an example.

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