South America: countries and cities

South America ranks fourth inmagnitude among the continents of the Earth. More than 7 thousand km in length and about 5 thousand in width, it has a total area of ​​17,800 square kilometers. The map of South America visually demonstrates to us that the whole continent has not been located in the Southern Hemisphere, part of it is in the North. The population of the mainland is more than 385 million people. The cities of South America are delicious, they are stunning by the merging of absolutely different, seemingly incongruous cultures: ancient and modern, European and Indian, colonial style and skyscrapers.

South America


South America - a huge, completely unexploreda world that is extremely bright and extremely interesting. Imagination primarily affects the diversity of landscapes. Andes (the ridge of South America and the longest mountain range in the world at 9000 km) have not yet calmed down: earthquakes and volcanic eruptions often occur here. Here, the famous Amazon River has spread its tributaries. The impenetrable swampy jungle in its jungle is the lungs of our planet. And next to one of the driest places on earth - the Chilean deserts, the Argentine and Uruguayan steppes - hot, waterless, dusty. And nearby there are huge lakes, the highest waterfalls and vast islands, full of rocks. In the north - almost hot Caribbean Sea in the south - Tierra del Fuego and the cold storms of the Atlantic, the proximity of Antarctica with its penguins and icebergs. South America is so diverse that anyone can be interesting, everyone will discover this continent.

map of south america


This is the largest state in terms of both area and population. The capital is Brasilia. The brightest city is Rio de Janeiro, full of tourists, carnivals and first-class beaches.

cities of south america


It's also a big country. The capital is Buenos Aires, the city of the famous carnival (January 16), and for many people on the planet - the most beautiful in the world.

South America


The government of this "middle" state prefers the city of La Paz, but the capital is Sucre. La Paz is the largest city in the country and very beautiful.


This is the place where South America ends, its north,warmer climes. The capital of the country is Caracas, located on the shores of the Caribbean Sea, and in its suburbs begins the National Park with a delightfully virgin tropical nature.


North-east coast, the capital - Georgetown. Country humid jungle - up to 90% of the territory are occupied by them.


Although this is South America, but here the French overseas region, without a visa is not allowed. The administrative center is the city of Cayenne.


North-west, the capital - Bogota. The country is named in honor of Columbus. There are many museums that showcase the richest historical and cultural heritage, as well as an exceptionally interesting fusion of two cultures - European and Indian.


A state that does not have access to the sea. The capital is Asuncion, a beautiful and original city, with many architectural monuments.


South America
Andes of the west coast, the state has not yet unraveled the Incas. The capital is Lima, an amazingly beautiful city on the high coast of the ocean.


A tropical country in the north-east of the mainland. Paramaribo is its capital, a city without skyscrapers, an original, preserved style.


This is the southeast of the continent. The capital - Montevideo - glorified the carnival, known no less than Argentine. Colonial architecture is not offended by eclecticism.


cities of south america
A long strip along the Pacific coast,The exciting and heights of the Andes. As the poet said: "There is no more beautiful country than Chile." The capital is Santiago, a city known for its putsches, balneological tourism and beautiful views of the mountainous terrain.


Equatorial country in the north-west with the capital of Quito, where the most important monuments of ancient culture are concentrated, museums of the colonial and pre-colonial epochs.

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