The tricks of versification: the rhyme for the word "century"

Modern gadgets and programs significantlyfacilitate the work of novice poets. In the process of writing the work should take into account the poetic size, think over the semantic load, so that the result does not disappoint. Works on eternal values, philosophical meditations are always in demand, therefore sometimes a simple and understandable rhyme is needed for the word "century".

Rhyme to the word "age"

Inspirational simplicity

The simplest solution is the selection of full harmony. When nouns that match the meaning are found, it remains to observe the size. Rhyme to the word "age" can be harmoniously supplemented by such variations as "man", "run", "snow", "night", "breg", "ark".

Here's how one of the variants of using the end-to-end type of rhyme sounds:

You are magnificent, our age,

Where a man is self-sacrificing,

Where time is like the flow of rivers.

For writing simple compositions, cross rhyme is also used. By the word "century" nouns are matched with exact coincidence of sounds. Endings are combined in the first, third, fifth lines:

Well for a century?

So rude, cruel

There was a man.

And lonely,

As a pecheneg.

Another way of selecting words is inaccurate. The distinctive side of reception is a partial coincidence of sounds. In the example to the word "century", the rhyme is represented by the "high-tech" variant:

The twenty-first century is sad,

Where time accelerates the pace.

Cold color beats hi-tech,

Here life is a set of simple flowcharts.

Variants for comic works

Poets who know how toto compose humorous poems. In works of this type, the same methods and methods of rhyming are used. Despite the joking content, the requirements for the semantic load are serious.

By the way age of rhyme

Through rhyme to the word "age" it is interesting to look in combination with grotesque content:

The twenty-first century is beautiful:

Sits in the metro draopitake,

Chews crumpled cheburek;

In the tram goes Pecheneg,

He wants to save himself from mortgages.

A set of rhymes when writing a poem is notis the main condition of a beautiful and harmonious composition. It is important to think through the content and details, open the topic in the process of creating the work, then the readers will appreciate the result.

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