Courtesy - what is it?

Courtship is a kind of rulebookbehavior, invented back in the Middle Ages. It was to be studied by every courtier, who dreamed of success, and had a good reputation. Initially, this system regulated mainly the relationships of representatives of opposite sexes, but gradually the concept expanded. So, what hides the mysterious word "courtesy", what was meant by it then and now?

Courtesy is a code of good taste

The classical Middle Ages is a period whenThe slave system was finally replaced by the feudal system. The Church also played a dominant role, actively interfering in worldly affairs. It was then that the formation of knightly culture was completed, it happened about the beginning of the 13th century.

courtesy is

Courtesy is a code of good taste,which all knights and beautiful ladies had to follow at that time. Gradually, a peculiar set of "laws" was supplemented and expanded, acquired new and new rules, many of which are considered relevant today.

The concept of

Courtesy is a concept that has occurred fromFrench word "courtois", which translates as "chivalrous", "courteous". Initially, this system was a kind of concept of love. She established the rules according to which the relationship between the knight and his lady of the heart developed. It was believed that a man in love should behave with his chosen one about the way a vassal behaves with a gentleman.

courtesy in the Middle Ages

Of course, courtesy is not only loveconcept. Gradually this system began to regulate also mutual relations of men with each other. Then it turned into a set of rules of good tone. In this regard, many historians consider courteousness the rudiment of morality and ethics, which are guided by modern people in their actions.

Courtship is the mainstay of knightly culture

The Crusades gradually led to the fact thatbegan to emerge a new class - chivalry. Approximately to the 12th century, golden days came for his representatives. It was at this time and there was a unique code of the knight, which reflected the traditions and norms of ethics, to which humanity has come for centuries.

courtesy is a synonym

It was in the 12th century that for the first timeknight ideals that are not relevant to the prosperity of the country, the honor of the gentleman. Courtesy in the Middle Ages extolled the image of the Beautiful Lady. Of course, every knight must necessarily have a beloved.

Gradually humanity has come to the fact that froma knight is required not only for courage and willingness to give his life for the sake of the interests of the state. Other qualities also began to be valued: courtesy, politeness, good breeding. Courtescience - a set of laws that claimed that a representative of this class should be literate, be able to compose verses, glorifying the beauty of the chosen one. In addition, the knight must feel and play gallantly.

Courteous love

What else should I tell by defining the meaningand the interpretation of the term "courtesy"? Of course, about courtly love - a unique form of relationship between the opposite sexes. Refined love is the definition that contemporaries gave to her.

courtesy of behavior

Under the courtly love basically meantthe romance of a married lady and an idle youth. Often, women belonged to a higher class than their chosen ones, and novels were also welcomed with the spouses of their own lord. From the young man it was required to depict a loving yearning, to fulfill all the whims of a lady, to give her her freedom.

Often, a woman and a man were not even keen oneach other, but just played a dangerous game. Of course, from the knights were expected and beautiful exploits dedicated to the chosen one, which allowed him to win her favor. It was believed that an obstacle was needed, which prevents couples from joining, so the boys preferred to play this game with married women. It is interesting that at all intimacy was the main goal of courtly love, the players enjoyed the very process of conquest.

Courteous Literature

What is a "courtly novel"? This work, the main character of which certainly became a gallant and refined knight. The hero performs glorious feats in honor of his lady of heart, travels in semi-tentative countries. Of course, such literature had nothing to do with reality, it allowed to get acquainted only with the ideal ideas about the image of a knight, always ready to defeat witches, giants, dragons. For example, you can recall the novel "Tristan and Isolde", which fully corresponds to the spirit of that time.

meaning and interpretation of the term courtesy

It is impossible not to mention the courtly poetry, whichwas created by the troubadours. The favorite theme of wandering singers, of course, was courteous love. The characters were always ready to make any sacrifices in order to win their lady, to attract her attention. It is impossible to forget about the sonnets that Francesco Petrarca dedicated to the beautiful Laura, who was in love throughout his life.

Our days

Courtesy of behavior these days is oftencauses ridicule, becomes an object of parodies. However, the inhabitants of the modern world agree that it is necessary to show courtesy and gallantry towards older people, women, to remember the observance of the rules of etiquette. All this is still considered an indicator of cultural development, even if today there is no cult of the Beautiful Lady and chivalric tournaments.

What synonyms exist

So, what words are capable withoutmeaning replace the term "courtesy"? A synonym, which is ideal in this case, is courtesy. Not surprisingly, it is from this word that the name of the code originated in the Middle Ages. Of course, courtesy is by no means the only synonym that can be safely used instead of this concept. For example, the following words have similar meaning: courtesy, mannerisms, courtesy, delicacy, politeness.

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