How to write and write essays on the topic "Who do I want to become"?

Compositions on the topic "Whom I want to become" write ineach school. And this is right, because such work helps children not only develop their syllables and learn to control the word, but, perhaps, also decide on their future profession.

essays on the topic of who I want to become


Of course, before talking about how to look the work on the topic "Whom I want to become" from an artistic point of view, it is necessary to tell what they will be by their structure.

Like any other work, this essay shouldcontain a headline, an epigraph and consist of three parts: entry, main body and conclusion. Each of these must be formalized in accordance with generally accepted requirements.

Title and epigraph

So, the title is what puts the problem. Everything begins with him. The schoolboy should analyze the topic throughout the entire work. This is the main principle. It seems that everything is simple. But in fact, this is not entirely true. It is important first to think carefully about the topic and give weighty arguments that will help the reader understand what the author means. In this case, the arguments should explain why the student who wrote this essay wants to choose this profession.

Following is an epigraph, he reveals the purpose of everythingcompositions. By the way, this part is not mandatory. However, if it is correctly designed, it will be possible to decorate the work stylistically, which is never superfluous. In general, the epigraph is what characterizes the author of the work as a well-read person who knows a lot. After getting acquainted with this part it becomes clear what awaits when reading the text.

who I want to be in the future

Content and main idea

Then, after the title and the epigraph, it follows thatbegin to write the introduction. How should it be? Short, but attracting attention. It is necessary to avoid dry words, water and unnecessary information. It is necessary to write only what corresponds to the topic. The reader must catch the introduction, only then will he want to read further.

The essays on "Whom I want to become" are prettyare specific. It should be noted that any work in which the author should tell about something, as for himself, is special. And here we are talking about school essays. Who do I want to be in the future? Many children start to worry about this issue from their earliest childhood. About what bothers you, it's always harder to write. Because you want to express thoughts as you feel, and that they are understandable to others. Not all adults get it, but it will be even more difficult for schoolchildren. However, nothing is possible.

what do I want to be when I grow up

How correctly to present a thought?

So, before you start writingessays, we must first gather our thoughts. It is worth thinking about: "And really, what do I want to become when I grow up?" Of course, it is difficult to do this at an early age, since the child does not yet know what complexities this or that profession implies. But then it makes sense to learn more about certain areas of activity, so as to approximately understand their essence.

To compositions of this nature turned outinteresting, you need to write from the heart. Most children have a subtle soul organization. And so many of them think: "Who do I want to become, to make the world better?" It is not surprising that the majority writes that they would like to be doctors, veterinarians, teachers. Few think about whether this or that profession is in demand, whether these workers receive a lot. These are worries for graduating class pupils, who should already be determined with their future. But children think more about what they could do to improve our world. And it's worth writing about.

what I want to become to make the world better


If there are absolutely no ideas at all,that you can write on such an important topic, you should not worry. Then you just have to start thinking on paper. However, the structure should not be forgotten either. You can start with this phrase: "So far I have not decided (a) who I want to be in the future, because the choice of vocation is a very difficult question." There are a lot of interesting professions in the world, and each of them is special and interesting in its own way. " This will be a good introduction to the composition. And after that you can proceed directly to the design of the main part. List several professions, to which there is a certain interest, to tell what determines the desire to try themselves in these areas of activity. It must be remembered that arguments and arguments are important in any work. This distinguishes ordinary reasoning from a structured thematic composition.

And finally, the conclusion. Usually in this part of the work generalize all of the above. It should be the same as the entry: clear, short, maximum capacious. But only if in the preface it is necessary to write about what topic will be considered in the work, then in conclusion it is necessary to draw a conclusion. For example, you can finish the essays on the topic "Whom I want to become" in this way: "On the basis of all the above, I can say with certainty that the profession of a journalist is very interesting, fascinating and responsible, and I would like to try myself in this field of activity, that I like to communicate with people, learn something new and communicate it to others, educate them and keep up to date on all the events. "

This conclusion clearly shows the author's personal opinion and his attitude to what he said in his work. So it will be a competent completion.

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