How to keep love for many years?

How to keep love? Have you ever thought about this issue at the very beginning of the relationship, when every moment, every second, you tried to be closer to each other, when every thought was just about him or her? How to keep love in a relationship, and is it worth thinking about it at all? This is the topic of our article.

Love seems eternal at the very beginning. You do everything, trying to be closer to each other, strive to get married as soon as possible, to wake up every morning together. However, over time, there is distrust, openness disappears, romance disappears ... And once it was thought that the most important obstacles are already behind, and with the wedding everything will fall into place. And in fact, almost always it turns out that the trials begin after. The birth of a child, sleepless nights, mistrust, the first betrayal ... All this, in fact, is a test of the strength of love. And very often it turns out that friends are getting closer than a loved one. Therefore, if you are not so far apart, start fighting for your love.

The very first mistake that leads to the thought ofhow to preserve love, and generally to this problem in general, is that people relax after the wedding, believing that romance will persist in the relationship itself. In fact, the question of how to keep the love of a man and keep him, becomes relevant within two to three years after the wedding.

You saw a happy family, which is already years oldten? Do not rush to envy, because they have passed many tests, including those that your family is going through. But one of them, and maybe both partners managed to understand in time that love should be protected, learned how to preserve love in a relationship. The family, in fact, is an everyday work, requiring cares and efforts.

How to keep the love of a man, how to do so,so he did not start looking for anyone on the side? Remember the beginning of your relationship, when you were infinitely close, gave him your tenderness, affection and care. Did you then receive the same in return? And did not think about how to keep love, everything turned out by itself. After all, then you read each other's thoughts, shared the most intimate thoughts. And then because of the lack of time, because of children or everyday worries, the woman stops paying attention to her husband. Try to find time to call in the afternoon and ask how things are with him. Or brew him a coffee in bed, he will definitely be pleased. Naturally, the relationship will never be the same as before, but if a man feels that he is still dear to you, then the question of how to preserve love will lose its relevance.

Try to introduce family traditions. For example, watch a movie in the evening, embracing on the couch, have breakfast in the morning and drink coffee together, rest on weekends together. However, remember that sometimes you need to rest from each other. The most important thing in how to preserve love is that the spouses, at least occasionally, find time only for themselves. Try to meet at least once a week with friends, spend the night with your parents, go shopping, and so on. Especially this advice applies to women, because often, trying to make everything perfect at home, they stop working, give themselves away only to the family and eventually lose their "I". And a person who does not develop, no matter how much he is loved, becomes boring and uninteresting. So try to make sure that your husband's interest to you is not lost. Do sports, do not sacrifice yourself for the sake of the family, go back to work. Live a little and for yourself!

Support each other, try to give a friendfriend more attention, affection and love. Instead of spending time in front of the TV, talk to each other about how you spent today. Try to solve together even the smallest household problems. Try to keep the romance, so as not to become such a family where the spouses just put up with each other's existence. Good luck in this difficult business and patience!

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