What does the wedding dress dream about? What is the future coming to us?

The mysterious Morpheus conjures every night overour dreams and as it turns out not in vain. After all, the seen nocturnal adventure can tell much more than it seems. Girls are especially inclined to find out what is still hidden in their dreams. A person can dream about anything, but what does a wedding dress look like?

Interpretation of dreams is not an easy thing to do. It is important, on what day of the week the dream had a dream, what kind of signal they wanted to convey to us, displaying it in a dream. For the interpretation of sleep, every detail seen and embedded in the memory is important. Probably, every girl is so dreaming about a beautiful wedding day, that sometimes these dreams go to dreams. But does this mean that the cherished day is already close, or is it much more than expected, we just have to find out.

What does a wedding dream about a girl? To this question, each of the dream books answers in different ways, and it is difficult to come to any unanimity. But the more opinions, the better and more reliable.

As the reason that the wedding was dreamed, the dream bookDashka calls for serious changes in your life. And according to the dream book of Lofa everything is much simpler, a wedding in a dream, as the embodiment of the desired. Perhaps, before you is the choice of making a serious decision and it does not give rest, that's why there are such dreams.

If in a dream you marry, but nothave fun, then in your life there will come a time for change, and only good or bad will depend on the relationship with the second marriageer. If the wedding is accompanied by merriment, then it is likely to get sick.

According to the dream book of Freud, to dream of a wedding -to receive pleasant news that does not directly concern you, but is somehow connected with you. If you celebrate your own wedding, then wait for a pleasant surprise.

According to Wangi's dream book, the celebration at the wedding presagesa merry party in the circle of old friends, and maybe, who knows, this party will bring you to the second half. To be at your wedding - to make an important decision, and to be an honored guest - someone from loved ones needs help.

To dream of the wedding of his current secondhalf and another person - a sign for parting. Why dream of another's wedding - also there is no exact answer. But, most likely, the coming changes will not affect you. And if you see yourself at the wedding as a toastmaster, then you should devote more time to work, then you will achieve your goals.

Why dream of a wedding dress? According to Miller's dream book, this is a sign that you will participate in a pleasant work and get acquainted there with new friends, and maybe this acquaintance will give you not just a friend, but a soul mate. If the dress is soiled, then an imminent quarrel with a person close to you.

Also, the presence of a wedding dress in a dream portendscardinal changes. His fitting - to additional work, which brings a good income. And why a wedding dress of red color is dreamed - it's better to know your chosen one, since you lack more acute sexual sensations, and this can mean the appearance of a new admirer.

A joyous event is coming - this is what foretells the mother a dream in which she sees her daughter in a wedding dress. Also, the wedding dress heralds a new acquaintance and a pleasant time spent.

If the wedding dress is inaccurately folded insuitcase, dented - then this is a sign that you are disappointed with family life. If a girl sees how she sews or decorates a wedding dress in a dream, then most likely that the expectations will fail, and if a wedding is to be, she may be upset.

Why you dream of a wedding dress to you, remainsonly guess. What exactly this dream means to you - time will tell. It remains to wait what kind of interpretation of the dream - it suits you. Many questions, the answer to which will give time.

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