Wedding night for Muslims in all the canons of the Koran

For a modern society such concept as"Wedding night", has long been purely symbolic. Intimate relationships before marriage - this is quite normal, because people want to know each other better. True, such democratic principles are entirely free to take advantage of. Wedding night for Muslims is almost one of the most important events in life.

wedding night with Muslims

As is known, in Islam the beginning of sexualthe relationship between husband and wife must pass with observance of all religious rules. The first intimacy, according to the Quran, must be imbued with the atmosphere of sacredness. The wedding night of Muslims, as well as intimate closeness in general, in the Islamic culture has a high spiritual meaning. In addition, while observing the strictest standards, newlyweds may not even be familiar with each other. Under such circumstances, the bride and groom will be extremely shy, feel uncomfortable and be in a tense state.

To make the situation more comfortable, the first wedding night for Muslims takes place with the obligatory observance of such rituals:

  1. Before intimacy, the husband must put his hand onhead of his wife and say affectionate words with the obligatory addition at the end of his speech of the phrase "in the name of Allah." After that, the newlyweds make two ritual prayers. Then the husband reads another, in which he asks Allah to bless him and his wife, their family life, and in case of divorce, forgive him to remain on good terms with his wife.
  2. Wedding nights in the Caucasus and in the East are rareare held on all religious canons. By tradition, the bride must be a virgin, but at the present time this requirement is not so strictly observed. The ritual of hanging on the morning of the sheet with traces of blood was preserved only in some regions.
    the first wedding night for Muslims
  3. Wedding night for Muslims suggests that the bridegroom must first present the bride with many different sweets and drinks. It is desirable that among the first was honey, and the medium of the second - milk.
  4. Wedding night for Muslims - this time is not only for intimacy, but for the communication of the newlyweds. The husband should be affectionate and gentle with his wife, after all, as a rule, the girl behaves timidly and constrained.
  5. The Koran prohibits indecent intimaterelations. A woman is also not advised to behave indifferently and coldly. In no case should you not repel your husband, because this can lead to unpleasant consequences.
  6. In the morning the spouses must perform the ritual of ablution and only the field of this begins to eat. On this day it is recommended to cover the table and invite relatives.

Entering intimacy, young people should have such intentions:

- Do not engage in adultery;

- A man should not stare at strangers;

- give birth to posterity, which will serve Allah.

wedding nights in the Caucasus

If a person enjoys intimacy withtrue intentions, then he gets not only pleasure from an intimate life, but also a reward - a savab. Love is the most important foundation of family life. The Qur'an calls on the wife and husband to be merciful, forgiving and patient. Regardless of religion and place of residence, happiness can be found only with the person to whom you experience the strongest and deepest feelings.

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