How to make sure that the wedding night is remembered for life.

Dear newlyweds, do not take that firstWedding night is something conditional, even if you marry after a long co-habitation. The first night together should be held so that it becomes unforgettable for you, and this will require scrupulous preparation. It is better to find out from each other in advance which surprises await this night, so that it becomes the embodiment of the dreams of both partners.

A pleasant surprise will be the wedding night inhotel, because there will decorate the room according to your desire. A change of atmosphere for those who lived together before the wedding, will fill this night with pleasant emotions and impressions. Make it more unusual and different from all those nights spent together. And it does not matter where you rent a room - in your city hotel or in the country, most importantly, beautiful interior decoration.

But you can make notes of romance even in your ownapartment on a long-tested bed. Lower the curtains, arrange the flowers and light the candles, and the bed of marriage love, sprinkle the petals of red roses. By the way, you can ask your friend, right before your arrival. And if the wedding took place in the summer, then you can think of something interesting on the river bank or on a yacht chartered. Here it is already in the financial possibilities of the newlyweds.

If you still decided that your wedding nightwill take place in your own house or apartment, then you can replace already podnadoevshuyu bed, for example, water mattress. And the room itself soak with the exciting fragrances of essential oils. And, of course, do not forget to beautifully decorate the table near the bed and put wine, champagne, chocolate, fruit, and whipped cream on it.

Sadly, but the fact, according to statistics, 50%newlyweds on their wedding night are engaged in counting money and viewing gifts presented by guests. According to all the same statistics, 20% of newlyweds go to bed immediately after the celebration, and 5% fight with guests and relatives. It turns out ugly and lamentably, and most importantly, there will be nothing to remember in the future. Therefore, dear newlyweds do not need your first wedding night to pass like an ordinary day. After all, you can see the gifts and count the money on another day, just as well as sleep and fight. The wedding night is a special moment of the beginning of a new family life, therefore it is worth to be treated with dignity.

By the way, you can come up with an interesting program for the spouse, where the bride will act as a stripper, dressed in strip clothes under a wedding dress. Imagine the surprise of the groom?

The program can look like this. You go into the room or room of the hotel, quiet romantic music sounds, under which you kiss and slowly move towards the bed. When the husband takes off your wedding dress, the music turns sharply and you, pushing your husband onto the bed, dance erotically for him. Of course, as you already understood, for this program, outside help is needed, therefore it is necessary to think in advance.

But the most amazing wedding night, will be held ina place with a fairy-tale nature. It can be and native places, but it is possible to go abroad. For example, the first wedding night in the Caucasus will be remembered for sure by the newlyweds forever. There you can not only spend a honeymoon surrounded by a clean and beautiful nature, but also get acquainted with the traditions of the local people. To the certificate, in the Caucasus girls marry virgins, and in evidence after a night spent, the groom takes out a bloody sheet. What proves to the relatives the honor of the girl who was taken into his wife. Probably, the tradition of the second day of the celebration of the wedding went from here, because earlier in Russia they also carried a sheet of newlyweds to the table of guests. And after the evidence of the honesty of the bride, everyone happily celebrated this fact.

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