Hairstyle for medium hair for a wedding. What to choose

wedding hairstyles for medium photos

Of course, on this day the bride wants to lookmost-most. What hairstyle for medium hair for a wedding is right for her? This length of haircut involves a large number of options for all sorts of styling. Let's try to help the brides in the choice.

It should be noted that determine the hair styleit is necessary for a few days, or even weeks before the wedding. If you do not have your own hairdresser, then it's better to walk around the salons, talk to the masters. It is desirable even to make, so to speak, a trial hairstyle. There are a lot of options for wedding laying: for long, medium and short hair. Consider wedding hairstyles for averages. Photos are attached. If there is an intention to dye your hair, then you need to do it a week before the ceremony.

Hairstyle for medium hair for the wedding will complementthe desired image of the bride. First you need to decide which girl wants to be on this day: touching and unspoiled, sweet and romantic or spectacular and chic.

hairstyle for medium hair for a wedding

Very effeminate hair looks loose. They can be ironed, curled in large curls or small curls. Of course, do not interfere in such a hairstyle jewelry. The flowers in the hair are good, only it is necessary to know that they should be combined with the flowers from the bride's bouquet. If they decided to make a magnificent head, then from the ornaments one should choose a sparkling diadem.

Classic high wedding are consideredhairstyles for medium hair. These are all known bundles or "buns", as well as "shells". This style embodies the severity of the girl. To slightly dilute a serious image, you can release a couple of strands and slightly curl them. Make such a styling as with a bang, and without. The bang can be thick, clear, or unevenly asymmetric. High hairstyles emphasize the long neck and beautiful decollete zone. They are well suited for dresses with a deep neckline and open shoulders. Shells and bunches are ideal if the bride is going to put on a veil. You can decorate such hairpieces with hairpins and hairpins. Traditionally, among the wedding jewelry there is a pearl.

wedding hairstyles for medium

Hairstyle for medium hair for a wedding quitecan consist of braids. This is quite practical styling - the braids are securely fixed, do not crumble and do not settle. There are dozens of types of weaving. You can braid only a bang or a pair of braids on the contour of the head, or you can build a real work of hairdressing art. Again, you need to determine in advance what will suit the girl. You can decorate braids with various hairpins, hairpins and flowers. Interesting are the beads inserted into each weave of the braid.

Still hairstyle on medium hair is popularfor a wedding in a retro style. The bangs, laid by the "cold wave", or babette look very impressive. The first hairstyle is especially beautiful on black hair, since a gel is used for its creation. A babette is suitable for short girls. Retro style refers to veils in a large mesh, a short veil and hats.

Choosing the right hairstyle is a responsible thing. After all, it will not only help impress the guests, but will also create a mood for the bride.

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