Terms and procedure for marriage on the territory of the Russian Federation and determination of the marriageable age of marriage. Exceptions from the marriageable age.

Form of registration of marriage ties in the space of ourstate is due to the fact that this transaction is carried out on the basis of voluntariness and equality between the two parties, which are men and women. This is the conditions for marriage.

Terms and procedure for marriage in the legalthe field of Russia suggests that the marriage union that is registered in the registry office is recognized as valid. Note that the action in question, this is the form of the transaction, respectively, like any agreement, it generates legal consequences for both parties. It should be noted that a church marriage or marriage union, concluded by the ceremonies of a national character, exists outside the legal field. Exceptions are those conjugal unions that were concluded by the church in the territories of the occupied species that were part of the Soviet state during the War of 1941-45. According to the articles of the law in the field of family relations, such marriages have legal force with one proviso - they must be registered in the specified authorized organizations. The conditions and the order of the conclusion of marriage indicate that marriage outside the registration in the registry office does not give rise to legal consequences.

It should be noted that a necessary condition,stipulating the order of conclusion and dissolution of marriage, is the consent of both spouses to this process. Marriage by force in the territory of our country is prohibited. The choice of a spouse depends on the will of the person entering into marriage relations. No one has the right to prohibit the choice of a person, either as a spouse or as a spouse. Proceeding from this, it is quite obvious that the marriage should be voluntary and mutual.

In addition to this condition,that there is a certain age of the person, upon attainment of which marriage ties are available to him. According to the general rule established by law in the Russian Federation, the age of the marriageable property comes for persons at the age of eighteen. But, as it is supposed, in life there are all kinds of situations that force the legislator to deviate from general rules and to consider certain nuances. Thus, a decrease in the age of the implementation of marital relations is possible only with the permission of the special authorized bodies, which are currently authorized by the guardianship and trusteeship. This also refers to such a concept as the conditions and order of marriage. With a decrease in the age limit for joining the union of two hearts, two necessary conditions are necessary. The first condition is characterized by the presence of reasons of respectful nature. It is necessary to understand, how much these reasons can be valid, solve authorized bodies. Also, we note that the request of those entering into marriage, but not reaching the age required for this, is of no small importance.

In order to marry, future spousesfill out a statement in which they indicate full information about themselves. In particular, the application specifies the passport data of the person, previous marriages, the circumstances of the change of name (if any have occurred in the past). The application can be filed by both spouses and it is important to understand that the statement itself does not cause any legal consequences.

Defining the conditions and order of marriage,we can not fail to mention that in the presence of circumstances of a special kind, such as the state of a woman's pregnancy or the birth of a baby, the marriage can be executed on the day of writing the application. In these circumstances, persons who marry may voluntarily ask for a reduction in the period of registration of the marriage relationship or for fixing the union of two hearts at the time of application. In addition, it should be noted that all circumstances of a particular nature must be documented.

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