Best friend: is there such?

Many forums addressed the topic of existencereal friends and friendship. A huge number of people expressed their opinion on this matter. Someone thinks that the best friend exists, but someone thinks that friendship is a relative concept and eventually it passes. So is there really a real friendship, and the best friends are a myth or a reality? So let's try to figure it out.

To somehow answer this question,I had to learn the information and structure it into a separate accumulative base. So, having collected all the necessary, it was necessary to distinguish three main questions that give the alleged shake of the best friend. So, let's begin.

For a start it was necessary to understand all the same, so what else?is friendship? Friendship is called stable and long-term relationships between people, which should be based not only on mutual understanding, mutual assistance, experience, disinterestedness and much more. But that's not all. Friends in life must follow common goals, views, interests, intentions and ideals. A best friend will always understand you the best and can always come to the world.

Friends and buddies, what's the difference?

Friendship should not depend on personal communication,because my best friend, wherever he is, will always remain the best friend. If we talk about friendly relations, then they just depend on constant communication. It turns out that if there is no communication, then there is no friend. Although most of all we communicate with friends.

Qualities of true friends

  • Spiritual intimacy. The closeness of souls in friendship is of paramount importance. After all, no common interests can unite people for a long time. The best friend will always find a soul mate and can empathize with her.
  • Support. We need friends for this. But at the same time, support should not be limited to anything - it should be in everything. True friends are known not only in joy, but in trouble. Friends' successes will never become the envy of a best friend. Rather, the best friend will also rejoice with you. This is how true friendship is tested or not.
  • Honesty. Even if an unpleasant situation develops, a friend must remain honest. If your friendship is not frank, and one of you is hiding something, then this friendship can not be called real.
  • Reliability. This is one of the most important qualities of those present in true friendship. If you have a best friend and you can cry from time to time in his vest and tell about your problems, without fearing that others will know about it, then you are very lucky.
  • Devotion. Remember: a loyal friend is a true friend.
  • Care. Friends always take care of each other, regardless of the circumstances.
  • Confidence. If you have confidence that a friend will always come to the rescue and will never leave you in trouble, and will also be a reliable support, then this is true friendship.
  • Unselfishness. Taking the initiative in their own hands, even if they do not ask at all, is a sign of a true friend.

If at least one of these qualities is absent or is not fully manifested, then it is not friendship, such relations are called friendships.

The difference between male and female friendship

In order to better understand this difference, I will give an example of an anecdote.

Imagine a situation where the wife did not returnhome after the party. Her husband calls ten of her friends and all of them to his question about whether they know where his wife is, answer that there is not. The same situation, only with her husband. The wife calls ten friends, seven of whom report that the husband spent the night at their home, and three claim that the husband still has them, just sleeping.

Many believe that the best friend is a man. Judging by the anecdote, these conclusions are not made from the air.

So, let's sum up. The best friend is a person who is not only aware of your past, but also fully convinced that you have a beautiful future, and in the present accepts you as you are.

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