What is inexpensive to give for a wedding? Simple and original ideas

Choose a gift for the wedding is very difficult, somore if the budget does not allow you to spend a large amount at the moment. Well, if the newlyweds in advance are hinted about what they want to see as a presentation. And if not? The question arises: what is the cheapest gift for a wedding. In fact, the idea of ​​good presents, which can be purchased for relatively little money, is not so little. Some of them we will discuss in this article.

what cheap gift for a wedding

Small household appliances

As a rule, the purchase of large electrical appliancesyoung spouses perform immediately after the wedding, as without them in everyday life can not do. But on such trifles as a coffee maker, a blender, an electric kettle, then there is not enough money, then there is no urgent need to use them. However, if these things are presented to the newlyweds as a wedding gift, then they will definitely be happy and will start using them from the first day of their married life.

"Clothes" for the matrimonial bed

Thinking about what is inexpensive to donate towedding, think about the bedding. It can be a set of blankets with pillows or just a nice set of linens for the bed. For the newlyweds try to choose such things not just plain or in a box, but with an original fashionable ornament and in bright colors.

what to give for the wedding day


Some will think what to give for the wedding daydishes - it's corny. Yes, maybe this is not a very original present, but really necessary, especially if the newly married couple begin a family life in a new apartment. A set of plates, cups, glasses, pots - this is the dishes that will always be in use. This gift is someone who, and the young mistress will be very happy.

what gift to give to the wedding

Useful little things

Clock, reading lamp, ironing board,mirror, a set of bath accessories - these are the things without which a person's full life is difficult to imagine. Think about these little things when you decide what is inexpensive to give to the wedding. Having spent a very small amount of money, you will put on a thing that newlyweds can use for a long time. And believe me, they will repeatedly award you with words of gratitude for such a practical present.


If after considering all the options forabout what gift to give to the wedding, you made a decision in favor of money, then give them in an original way. Even a small amount can be "decorated" in an excellent gift that will delight both the culprits of the celebration and all the guests. It's about a bouquet of sweets and bills. You can make it yourself, if you show a little imagination and creativity.


Big beautiful cake of own cooking- this gift is very beautiful, tasty and relatively inexpensive. However, in this case it is better to first specify with the newlyweds the question about what sweet you are preparing. Otherwise, it may turn out that the cake will already be included in the festive menu, and your present will be "superfluous" and invaluable.

Present for the wedding

You still think that it's cheap to donate towedding - is it embarrassing? Believe me, this is much better than not coming to the celebration, where you were sincerely invited. Take our weapons on board and go to prepare a wedding present. The main thing is that it should be presented with all the heart.

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