Civil marriage: pros and cons. There are not many pluses, but the minuses go off scale when you do not know what you want

Civil marriage, "started" in the Netherlands,was called so because it was not consecrated by the church, but was legally registered. Similarly, in Russia: a marriage registered in a state institution, but not passed the procedure of the wedding, was called civil. With whose light hand do they call a joint life today a civil marriage? Probably not with a male.

When a civil marriage has already taken place, for andagainst none of the partners, as a rule, did not count in advance, and in vain. It would seem that the negative is that young people live for a while together and they are well, no. They do not plan for the future and do not view each other as potential spouses. A man sincerely believes in it.

In fact, there is another situation thatvery well expressed one of the young girls at the forum: "When we went to school, everything was clear: went to the movies, kissed, so friends. And now you sleep, you sleep with it, and why - it is not clear. " If a guy with pleasure goes to live together without obligations, then the girl is often just inferior in the hope that a common life will lead to a legal marriage. Therefore, we have married men less than married women.

Women accuse men living with them incivil marriage, based on their nature and understanding, not taking into account male psychology and a different view of sexual relations. A man by nature is aimed at "making happy" with his seed as many women as possible. There's nothing to be done. On the contrary, we must sincerely welcome and support in it the certainty that here it is, such a good and wonderful, you got it. And in response, the man will certainly respond, showing mutual love and gratitude.

Civil marriage: for and against

What are the advantages of those who clearly understand that it is pleasant and without claims to live in free relations. How much in the relationship, called civil marriage, pros and cons? One side:

1. There are no long-term obligations, neither personal, nor property, nor generally accepted.
2. You can find out how partners fit together in sexual relations.
3. There is an opportunity to understand how a person is ready for serious changes in life in general, and whether he wants them, with this partner or with another.

On the other hand:

1. How problematic the registration in a civil marriage, cares mainly, only a woman.
2. Love and understanding are impossible without taking responsibility for a partner, that "jokes are jokes, but there can be children!"
3. As a rule, the birth of a child in a civil marriage does not add to the woman's confidence that she will not remain a single mother.
4. Property rights also remain unresolved, you need to keep for many years checks and bills, then in court to prove who bought what.
5. Although the child who has appeared in the union of unregistered parents retains all the rights in full, an adoption procedure or a judicial decision on paternity is needed.
6. Not an adopted child can not be the heir of his grandparents, other relatives.
7. Registration of a child in a civil marriage and entry in the birth certificate of the baby about the father is done only on his application (or joint application of the parents), in another way the paternity is established only through the court.

You can still continue the list, but most importantly,that considering a civil marriage, the pros and cons must be weighed before you give consent to cohabitation. If the girl is going to give in to the guy, then she uses all the possible tricks and calculates the options to finally play the role of the bride, then ask yourself the question: "Do I want this?" And do not build an offended victim. Joint life is born from mutual affection and love. If you want free relationships, then do not distort your favorite, honesty, openness and sincerity will lead to the fact that he wants to lead you to the crown.

You must first understand yourself, what are youwant: free love and do not grieve that the man did not "intuitive" your secret hopes, or a legitimate and reliable marriage. The main thing is to clearly know that you knowingly agree to a civil marriage: the pros and cons are weighed, discussed, all the points are arranged, no one is deceived, and everything is clear.

Today we held hands and kissed tomorrow, but I still decide how to live further, Woman, free and beloved.

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