How to admit to love a classmate (or any other female person)

How to confess love to a classmate? Do you want to know a few answers to this question? Then you here!

Most likely, every member of the stronger sexat least once in my life I was overcome with the question of how to confess my love to my classmate. And if not this question, so its varieties. Quite often young people ask themselves the question: "How to confess to a girl in love?". Strictly speaking, the answers to these questions are somewhat similar, but in some ways - more or less substantially different. But first things first!

First of all, it is necessary to decide who you areIt is an object of romantic feelings. A female person whom you sympathize with may be a classmate (well, or a classmate), just a girl (for example, a neighbor with whom you live in one entrance) or a friend (with whom you have been communicating for a long time and quite close).

In each of the cases in the explanation of love there istheir "pitfalls". In the event that you study together, you may be concerned that, in the absence of reciprocity, a girl can rasprezvonit about your feelings to all classmates. And this, it is worth noting, is unpleasant. If you want to confess your love to a friend, and you are tormented by the question: "How to confess your love to a girlfriend?", Here too, not everything is simple. After all, if the feelings are mutual - then everything, of course, is good and even more so. But if the girl is not ready to answer your feelings, then friendship may be under threat ... But do not despair! You just have to think over your behavior.

So, if you are thinking how to confess your loveclassmate, it is definitely worth mentioning that it's definitely not necessary to do it right at school on the transition between physical culture and history! The sense of such recognition will not be exact! Haste and a lot of people around are not the best allies in such an important and delicate matter. Many consider as an option how to admit to a classmate's love of various kinds of notes. In general, this is not the worst option. Especially if the note is written in a legible handwriting and not on a torn sheet torn from a notebook. Yes, the note must be signed exactly! Because the signature "your Harry Potter" or "your Edward Culen" is not very informative. However, in the case of choosing this method, a girl can find this just a joke. Hence, the conclusion arises that it is better to confess in a personal conversation. Even if you are going to confess to school. You can, for example, volunteer to help the lady of her heart in cleaning the class. Or draw a wall newspaper with her. In short, try to stay alone with her in an empty classroom.

But here there is another difficulty in howconfess to love classmate. This is the text of the confession itself. Clearly, it is not worth copying the behavior of the idol of schoolgirls Edward Cullen. But Yevgeny Onegin's letter to Tatiana Larina, recounted by heart, is unlikely to bring much success. So what do you do? If you can not think of anything on your own, it's better to watch the movie "Real Love" and repeat the recognition episode with the plates and tape recorder. A good example for imitation is the film "When Harry Met Sally". And you can just talk. And in simple words to say that the girl you are very dear and you really want to be with her together. And even if you blush and stutter - it's okay. So your beautiful lady will be sure of what you say with all your heart.

And you can after the lessons invite a girl for a walk and so there confess her feelings.

Yes, your chances of success will be increased by a bouquet of flowers or a box of chocolates, presented together with a confession. A neat appearance - also will be an additional "plus".

Strictly speaking, all of the above tips withthe full right can be applied and in case of recognition to any girl who caused you a hurricane of feelings. The main thing is a romantic atmosphere, your sincerity and a little luck!

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