Wedding in May: features and signs

Wedding in the life of each person is oneof the most important events. A woman dreams that the choice that she made will be successful. She wants a reliable man next to him, and the marriage did not fall apart at the first family difficulties.

May signs - a myth or reality?

There are many different signs concerning weddinghassle, especially if the plans - a wedding in May. There is an opinion that the newlyweds, having legalized their relations on May 13, will never be happy, they will necessarily divorce. About marriage this month they say: "Marry in May - then all my life together to suffer." But is there any truth in this statement? Are there any advantages, disadvantages of holding a ceremony at this time?

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Advantages of the May marriages

So, the wedding in the end of May is an extraordinary event. Statistics show that in this spring month, a minimum number of applications from married people is submitted to the registry office. But this fact is an undeniable advantage for those who decided to sign. Wedding in May will be much cheaper from a material point of view. At this time there are no huge queues in the registry office.

Young can easily agree with the leada festive evening, find a good photographer. In addition, there is a real chance to expect a substantial discount, because it offers many photographers, stylists, florists for those "brave couples" that they were not afraid to play a wedding in May. Spring warm sun, tender rays of which touch the bride's face, as if refuting all mistrust of the May weddings.

wedding in May signs

Slavic calendar

In the Slavic calendar, Lelya is treated aspatroness of happiness, love, feminine beauty. In Latin May was named after Maya, the goddess of the mountains, the beloved daughter of the god Zeus. Maya was considered the patroness of renewal, fertility, seduction. It would seem that logic is completely absent, because it is in May nature wakes up, while customs are forbidden to marry this month.

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Why in May it is undesirable to play a wedding?

So, the wedding is planned in May. Signs say that there will not be a life for the young, there will be problems and scandals in the family. Such a belief has formed long ago, there are several versions of his appearance. It is likely that the May wedding was not encouraged because it was at this time there were a lot of work in the fields, farmyards. If you missed valuable time, spent it on wedding chores, then in the winter of these newlyweds waited a real famine. The beloved hungry husband no longer seemed so native and desired, it was his wife who accused that because of the wedding, they were left without supplies.

In Russia it was decided to celebrate the wedding not a day,but from three to a whole week. By May, food reserves since last year were almost destroyed, new vegetables and fruits have not yet been raised, there was nothing to feed the guests at the wedding. May in Ancient Russia was aimed at caring for a new crop, there was no time to be distracted, to waste time on wedding ceremonies and feasts.

The wedding in May was absolutely uncomfortable, and thereforeand there was a belief that, having married at this time, they suffer all their lives. In the people's May calendar, every day was associated with plowing, dogs, and walking of livestock. It is likely that our ancestors "came up with" the myth that wedding is undesirable in May. Signs and traditions have gradually changed, but this one has come down to our days. The simple people proceeded from their own beliefs precisely from the peculiarities of life, devoting their usual, everyday affairs to May, and not to wedding festivities and idleness.

wedding in May features and signs

Matchmaking in May

On Yuryev's day, that is, on May 6, it was customary to conductwe are talking about a future wedding, but the solemn ceremony at this time was not held in Russia. According to the old style on May 6 was on April 23, that is, matchmaking was held all the same in the previous month. May completely dedicated to the worries about the future harvest. According to the old custom on Jacob's day (on May 13, according to the new style, and on April 30 - according to the old style), there should not be the slightest hint of a future engagement, any conversation about the wedding was considered insulting.

The time of evil spirits

May in ancient times was considered a time of "uncleanforce ". It is possible that because of superstition, the wedding was postponed in May. Signs were forced to refuse to marry, since his wife "got away from the evil one" this month, and real "bees" will appear, and not healthy children.

According to the belief, the witches at this time took the imagebeautiful women, attracted men, and then squeezed out "juices" from them, made life unbearable. The times have changed, but whether a wedding is needed in May, whether it is worth to file a statement to the registrar this month - doubts remain.

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May Astrology

Astrologers say that this month they ruleastrological signs. Gemini and Taurus. Both signs of the zodiac are very contradictory, complex, prone to conflict. Because of the inability to listen to Gemini, they are not able to find a common language with business partners, spouses.

Those people who during this period make a marriage,play on the public, try to show others that everything is good in the family, there are no problems. It is this behavior that leads to mistrust, insincerity and causes the destruction of the family. Taurus and Gemini, assure the astrologers, will constantly "intervene" in the relations of young some third person (mother in law, mother-in-law), the family will have a lot of envious people and competitors.

According to astrological indicators, the wedding is undesirable in May. The features of the zodiacal arrangement of the planets are such that marriage is doomed to fragility, complexity in the relationship.

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About May Numerology

For May, the figure is "five". This number is associated with wandering and independent decisions aimed at individual well-being. The marriage, which will be concluded in May, according to numerology, will be devoid of harmony. People who have decided to become legal spouses are obliged to respect and appreciate each other, and not to pursue self-interested interests in marriage.

The number "five" does not imply harmony,the desire to "live only for oneself." Any reminder of duty, obligations, in the "May family" ends with mutual reproaches and resentments. Numerologists are convinced that the five suggests instability and change, new impressions. "The May Five" is not aimed at finding a balance in the relationship, but exceptions still happen, experts add.

If young people have firmly decided that they needwedding in May, features and signs associated with this month, will not become for them an obstacle. Making a decision to create something new this month: family, business, signing a business agreement, buying real estate - you need to believe in a positive outcome of the planned activities. In this case, an excellent wedding will be held in May. Features of the month will not become a hindrance, an obstacle to a happy and long life together.

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All conclusions must be drawn by the lovers themselves, to believewhether they are in signs, or bravely prepare in May for the wedding ceremony. For those who are superstitious and do not want to fight with people's perceptions, let us recall that, with a negative attitude, those families that were created in June, July, August are also disintegrating.

From the point of view of photographers, the wedding inend of May, the photos are bright, saturated, natural. The master does not need to look for a special perspective: nature itself seems to help newlyweds capture the birth of their new family in the rays of the spring sun. The whole world seems to wake up with lovers, is only set to positive, emphasizes tenderness and harmony.

Supporters of May marriages claim that the word"To suffer" is not due to the fragility of families imprisoned at this time, but to the name of the Roman goddess Maya, derived from the word "nurse, mother." The bride's bouquet, compiled for the May ceremony, will be remembered for life. It's not a matter of choosing flowers for him, but the fact that after a long winter, devoid of bright colors and flowers, all the bouquets will seem special, unique, amazing. The organizers of the May wedding ceremonies offer the brides small bouquets of lilies of the valley that will emphasize the innocence of the newlywed couple's image. Self-confident girls can order bright bouquets of spring peonies.

In May there is no wedding rush, many salons fornewlyweds make substantial discounts on accessories, including both a dress for the bride, and a suit for the groom. Why not take advantage of such beneficial offers?

Are there any arguments against having a wedding inMay? Comments of those who work in civil registry offices, are confirmed by statistical research. Most of the divorce falls on couples who married in May. Astrologers are convinced that it is during this period that the Sun merges with the Hyades and Pleiades, and therefore the probability is high that the woman will be unhappy in such a marriage, deprived of men's attention.

The easiest for many couples who got married in Mayand who could not live together, there is a hope for the "unlucky month of May". It is the most luxurious, blooming, bright spring month. Modern youth often neglect people's perceptions, the popularity of May weddings grows from year to year. If a man and a woman truly love each other, neither superstitions nor omens are important to them, they bravely conclude a marriage even in spring, including in May. A happy family is the best proof that people themselves build their relationships.

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