Sikel. What is hiding in it?

Many will not have any associations withthe word "sikel". What is, the meaning of the word, what it is and how to find it, this article will tell. To begin with, it is not superfluous to note that this is a very important female part of the body, the main erogenous zone, whose stimulation by pleasure can be compared only with the elusive and almost mystical point G. Of course, it will be a clitoris.

sikel what is

If a man wants to be unforgettable in bed and enjoy the coveted moans of the pleasures delivered by caresses, he must know about where the sikel is in women.

From the history

The word "sikel" (you already know the meaning of the word)refers to the Old Russian, it is found even in the Novgorod chronicles, when they used birch bark for them. Even then our ancestors understood that this body deserves special attention. As soon as this intimate part of the body was not called: the seat of lust and the sweetness of love, the pearl or bead of pleasure. Regardless of what romantic name was invented to designate a clitoris, to know what it is in itself conceals useful both to its owners and to the opposite sex.

How the snake is arranged

If you look at the photo of the sikel,that in structure it resembles the Latin letter Y. The clitoris is located in the place where the large labia joins. There are three components of the sikel:

  • head;
  • bridle;
  • hood.

sikel in women

In anatomical terms, the sikel is similar in structure toa male sexual member. As well as the underdevelopment of the male breasts, the underdeveloped phallus in female representatives is sycel. What does such similarity give? And the fact that the clitoris is as natural as an erection.

Similarly with the head of the penis in the sycelaa large number of nerve endings are concentrated. It is this that provides such sensitivity to the clitoris. In a calm state, the head of the sikel hides the clitoral hood. This skin fold or, as it is also called, the foreskin, almost completely covers the sycel and makes it invisible while protecting against rubbing and trauma. But in an excited state, the hood is no longer able to cover the head and it peeps out, and sometimes completely leaves from under it.

Owners of intimate jewelry, as a rule, a place for piercing choose exactly the clitoral hood. The junction of the labia minora is considered to be the bridle of the sikel.

Is size really that important?

Like any other organ, the structure of the clitorisdepends on individual characteristics. The average size of the sycel, as a rule, ranges from 4 to 10 mm. It is extremely rare to find a woman whose clitoris is more than 25 mm. Such large sikelas are not found in representatives of the Caucasoid race. But it's not uncommon for African-American women. Among them there are record holders with a 7-centimeter sycel. What does this difference mean?

large sycheles

To receive pleasure is not at all importantsize of the syckel. This is already a question of sexual tastes: some men prefer partners with a small clitoris, others experience incredible excitement from the sight of a large sycel.

The majority of womenstimulation of the clitoris, its dimensions do not change, while the other part of the sikel can reach a size twice as large as the original parameters. To change in size, sikel does not start immediately, but only half a minute after the start of stimulation. Almost in 2 times the clitoris decreases before orgasm, and then, in 5-10 seconds, restores the habitual forms.

How to find a sikel

Some men sometimes have too highopinion about their sexual skills. Do not forget that everyone is individual. In order not to get trapped at the moment of intimacy, it is necessary to take into account that the sensitivity, location and size of the sikel are different for each woman.

In search of a treasured bead can be used in two ways:

  • visual;
  • tactile.

photo of sikel

If the partner's sikel increases in size - this gives an additional clue when searching. But what if the value of the clitoris does not change?

Visual inspection

How to inspect the sikel, what does a man need to see and how to do it?

Start better with those caresses that will excitepartner: kisses in the neck, massage, stimulation of the nipples or some other proven methods. This is necessary not only to relax and liberate the passion, but also for the excited clitoris to increase and betray itself.

Then you need to put the girl on your back andbegin to examine her intimate zone. The main condition is for her to feel comfortable. To detect the sikel, you need to spread your fingers out with your fingers and sharpen your attention at the place of their contact. It is there that the treasured pearl is located. It does not necessarily have to look out from under the foreskin, perhaps it will have to be moved slightly to get to the sensitive clitoris.

Not everyone will feel comfortable with such a survey, so sometimes it is useful to use the second method.

Looking for a siphon to the touch

As in the previous method, it is necessary to begin withexciting caresses. You should make sure that the chosen posture is convenient for both. Going down to the bottom of the stomach, you need to move on to the labia, more precisely to the place where they touch. Stimulating this area, it is impossible not to feel under the skin a small vein, which is the body of the sycel.

sycel meaning of a word

You need to try to pull the foreskin and detect with your fingers a small ball.

Being attentive to the partner, the man will necessarily hear and feel, whether his actions are true.

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