What Should I Do If the Husband Has Left the Other?

For some reason in our world, male treasonis perceived as a normal phenomenon, they say, if a man did not betray his wife, then he is no longer a man. But so, most likely, consider only representatives of the strong half of humanity, but not women. Often the result of male adultery is his departure from the family. The husband left, and the woman is sick and very lonely, because she was betrayed by someone she loves very much. Psychologists believe that leaving a man's family is a very difficult period, which must first of all be experienced, and then take any action.

How to survive the time when her husband left for another? Of course, the easiest way is to hate everything in the world and cry with bitter tears, regretting that everything has already ended. Women are very fond of, so they are going through the withdrawal of her husband to his mistress painfully and for a long time. But this is at the root of the wrong. My husband left, well, let him go. And we, in turn, will learn how to properly experience the gap and make plans for future life.

You are offended that her husband went to his mistress. Self-pity is offended and it seems that everyone around is to blame for what happened. Stop! First, no one is to blame, and secondly, who told you that the husband left because you are bad. Drop all these speculation. Do not be humiliated before her husband, calling him on the mobile and asking to come back. Do you think this will work? No. The man decided, the man did. Stop kicking the dishes in the house and seizing all the sores with sweets. The woman who managed to survive the divorce will tell you without delay that it's foolish to drive yourself into depression, because getting out of it, oh, is not easy. The approximate scheme of your thoughts should be this: gone, well, okay, think about it; I'm still the best; At me all in a life will be good. It should take a couple of weeks for you to move on to the next item. Now you need to figure out what you want to do next. You have two options: either you say goodbye to a past life and start a new one, or you try to return a husband to a family. But first, talk to yourself, decide whether your feelings are alive to your husband, because if they are not there, then you should not look for reasons for reconciliation. And even children can not be the decisive point in your relationship. Forcibly dear you will not. Besides, do you think it will be good for children to live in a family where the pope and mother do not love each other, but live purely out of parental responsibilities?

If the husband has gone to another, and you want to return it,remember the following: do not press him and threaten him. All you can do is talk with your husband in a relaxed environment, weigh all the good and bad, and eventually come to a common denominator. If your feelings erupt with renewed vigor, then you have a chance to start over. Do not worry if the husband does not want to return. So, start your own life. On a psychological level, you must see in yourself the woman who is always beautiful and desirable. My husband left, so what, the whole world does not revolve around its axis.

Change your appearance. For example, lose weight, change hair color or haircut. If you wore gray and black flowers, change it to bright colorful models: from this your life will be more light and joyful. Get rid of all the things that remind you of an ex-husband. There is no need to keep the remnants of the past in the house. More often meet with friends, discuss fashion themes, and if you think about your husband, then, as a man who just once crossed your life. Do not avoid male attention, let the strong half of humanity make you compliments, give gifts and drive to restaurants. Perhaps, among men will be the one who will become your husband, with whom you will live a long and happy life. And when you meet an ex-husband somewhere, just say hello and show all that you are happy and desired. Let him understand what a precious diamond he lost.

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