Why do men change? Causes of male betrayal

The question "Why do men change?"More and more women are asking. And although recently men's infidelity has become a fairly common phenomenon, and men themselves are calm, the female half can not tolerate such behavior. Statistics show that male infidelity most often causes the collapse of families and couples.

So all the same, why do men change? In fact, there are a lot of reasons for this. Often, it is even difficult to understand what exactly spodviglo man for such an act. And yet there are a few common reasons, we'll talk about them in more detail.

A man can change when he does notis satisfied in the sexual plan. This happens when a girl or already a wife refuses to have sex, or behaves behind this matter very constrained and restrained. There are men who love sexual relations, in which the whole woman takes the initiative. But when a man does not get enough (in terms of sex) of what he wants, he certainly begins to look for it on the side. Having received the desired, he returns with calm spirit to the former partner with the appearance of a satisfied person, and he does not intend to break the relationship.

Men's betrayal finds a place even when notsuits the general behavior of women. As a rule, she knows how to prove herself in bed, but can not find understanding with a man: the wife (girl) constantly reproaches him for laziness, scattered things, later returning home. She tries in every way to emphasize that he is not the one with whom she would like to spend her whole life. The whole situation weighs on a man, and he begins to look for calm on the side, finding him in the arms of a woman who will never say like that. It comes to the point that he simply does not want to go home, but runs to his mistress, who is both a life-saving circle and a refuge from insults and humiliations.

Why do men change when the two listedthe above reasons have no place in the relationship? Yes, if only because he is not used to maintaining a sexual relationship with the same partner for a long time. He always wants to discover new heights, but at the same time he does not hurry to part with his wife or a constant girl, in other words, keeps on a thin leash for every unforeseen event. This behavior of a man lasts differently, someone after several trips to the left stops, and someone continues to change further, and even when relations with the main partners have long been interrupted.

And you know why men change if they do thisabsolutely do not want? For example, they often do this when they are drunk and can not foresee their behavior. Sleep with the girl you like in this state will not be difficult. In addition, a man can not always remember what he did: most often his friends tell him about it.

Sometimes it happens that a man changes whenthe other half changes. As you know, women's treason today is also not uncommon. Learning that a beloved wife or girlfriend has a lover, a man decides to take revenge on the same, well, or even go on, replacing a large number of partners in a short time. In such situations, women no longer need to look for an answer to the question "why did the guy change", because she herself gave him this push.

What to do? Is it possible to forgive treason? It is difficult to give an unambiguous answer to these questions, because the situation is different, as well as the people themselves. And yet, if there is a strong love between partners, it is sometimes better to forgive treason and try to start all over again. But if men's infidelities are permanent, then it is worth thinking about how to stop these complex and painful relationships. Sometimes it's easier to part with a past life and start a new, lighter and happier place, in which there will be no place for treason and humiliation. And even children can not be the thread that will deter a woman from parting.

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