The best ways to stop loving a guy

How to stop loving a guy

Imagine a situation where he and she are longtime met, loved, and maybe lived together. Then all at once he, really, without explaining anything, leaves for another, throwing the unfortunate in proud solitude. To deep regret, such situations happen very often, the novel quickly ended, but the girl's psychological wound will continue to heal for a very long time. How to ease the female suffering after parting? There are several effective ways to quickly stop loving a guy.

How to stop loving a guy with fantasy

Try to imagine the former in someridiculous, ridiculous situation. Let's say how his new passion at a business meeting poured a cup of hot coffee onto his expensive suit. You will see for yourself how the mood will rise in a moment.

Imagine yourself in five years - youdoing well in business, on an expensive foreign car, in a beautiful outfit, with you there is a spectacular young man. Well, how does it inspire you? But all this is quite realistic, it is only necessary to want and believe.

And you can imagine that your new boyfriend is a celebrity. Well, for example, Tom Cruise. I think if you compare the Hollywood handsome man and your ex, the results will not be in favor of the latter.

How to stop loving a guy, distracted from sad thoughts

It should be switched not entertaining,an interesting thing. Register for some courses, attend trainings, or even just go to the gym. A few weeks of intensive studies and your sadness and melancholy will pass unnoticed. It is possible to go head-to-head, but if you like it, otherwise you can aggravate the situation and even worse, earn depression.

How to stop loving a guy by valuing values

A very good and effective way of getting rid offrom illusions is a clear, detailed and rational assessment of all the qualities of the former man. If it's hard and difficult to criticize the person who has betrayed you in the past, you should call for help from your mother or best friend, they will help you sort out all its advantages, and most importantly, drawbacks. You need to start with his physical qualities. Taking his photo you need to soberly assess his appearance. You can even imagine yourself in the role of a customer in a store, would you buy such a product? What price can he designate? And is there no factory marriage? Most likely, he is far from ideal. Such an exercise will do you much good.

How to stop loving a guy becoming a queen

In order to become a beauty queen not at allIt is necessary to exhaust yourself with cruel diets or lie under the knife of a plastic surgeon. It will be quite enough in a good sunny day to go shopping. To get yourself the most seductive and eye-popping outfits, to pick up effective shoes, and to look into the beauty salon. What is the use of sitting at home and regretting howling into a pillow? When not making great efforts, you can prove to yourself and the world (and him as well) that you are the queen of beauty. Let him see and realize what treasure he has lost!

How to stop loving and forget the guy? Rather find a new love

Most likely, the one with whom you parted farnot a prince on a white horse. You should look around, it's possible that the person you are looking for is very close. He is beautiful and worthy of you, but you simply do not notice him, giving your attention.

To start a new relationship you need to clearly understandfor yourself, that this separation forever and in the soul does not even have the slightest hope of a return of past relationships. Listen to your heart, there should be no desire to call, meet or find out anything. And all his attempts at communication should be easily stopped. This is very important, since starting life with a clean slate is possible only by turning the page.

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