What if the guy threw? Change your life

Relations that do not end likeI would like, always perceived by the girls painfully. Often I want to restore relationships, but not to be together, but to throw it myself. These destructive desires can not be given free rein. If you can accept loss and not avenge, God will give you a new relationship that will be more happy for you. So, what to do if the guy threw?

First, you need to find or buy someA large portfolio to put there paper and things that can remind you of it. Even if in anger you want to destroy all these things, do not allow yourself this. It will also be the destruction of a part of your personality, the one that formed as a result of communication with this person. And you can not destroy yourself in any case. So just isolate these things from yourself, throw them somewhere far away, to where they get very uncomfortable from. That there was no temptation to look at the photo or reread the letter. By the way, about the letters: if you communicate with him a lot by e-mail, change the address. Or, collect all his letters in a special folder, so that they do not come across and set up filters so that letters from his address automatically fall into this folder, and not into the "Inbox."

Secondly, you need to find yourself what to do. If a loved one has thrown, it is absolutely necessary to change one's habits. For example, take a great interest in tourism as a sport or parkour. It is advisable to choose such activities, which are usually carried on mainly by men. Look for clubs for orienteering, there are usually a lot of guys. In such societies you will not only stop being afraid of getting lost, but, perhaps, you will find a new love. Jointly experienced adventures are very close, and if you still learn how to cook deliciously on fire, the guys will fight for your attention. Parkour is usually fond of bold and young guys. It will be enough for you to simply observe and admire, not necessarily to engage in this extreme sport.

Thirdly, you need to seriously study orwork. Guys come and go, and a red diploma and a solid salary will stay with you, warming your soul. In addition, the question "what to do if the guy threw" for a professionally successful girl is not so painful. And you can afford much more: for example, a membership card of a good Wellness Club, in which you will feel like a goddess. Concentrate on professional development, be every minute busy, not to think about what to do. If the guy threw, do not leave time for sad thoughts. "Pull yourself" into a new project at work, tell the teacher that you will be satisfied only with an excellent assessment of his subject - and realize your goals. This will fix the affected self-esteem.

Fourth, a week or two after the partingarrange yourself 3 hours of analysis of the relationship. To do this, write on the sheet of paper what conclusions you made from the relationship, what mistakes you made and why you are grateful to your former beloved. Soon you will be able to give advice to your friends about what to do if the guy threw.

The situation is more complicated if the question is asked: "My husband left me, what to do." Of course, in this case the connections are much stronger and their break is much more painful. However, in this case, you need to worry about yourself first. Remember all the dreams that you put off in the long box because of your marriage. And, finally, afford everything that they could not resolve. The main thing is not to show your ex-husband how painful it is for you, and live in your own pleasure. And then he might want to return. But will you need it?

The greatest love in life is the love of God andand love for a man is just a dull reflection of these true feelings. Do not let a man mean too much to you. It spoils loved ones and destroys relationships.

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