The first wedding night - romance or fear

Somehow it is customary to scold young people latelyfor debauchery of morals and lack of spirituality. All try to measure by one yardstick. But after all, young people grow in different families, differently form and develop. And, despite the fact that some young ladies do not consider it necessary to cover with a hip skirt and buttocks, there remains a rather large percentage of girls who keep their chastity before marriage.

And it's so nice to put on a weddingwhite veil and do not feel any pangs of conscience. With a sinking heart, wait for the first wedding night to fully surrender to the senses and dissolve into someone you love so much.

Unfortunately, girls do not always get in the familygood and correct sex education, because in our country have not yet learned to talk with teenagers about sex openly and without grimaces. That is why the first wedding night often scares a young wife. Of course, she could learn a lot from magazines, the Internet, from more advanced friends. But this is just a theory, and besides it is far from always always true and qualitative.

The wedding night of the bride depends on herloved one. If a man does not show sufficient tenderness, tact, will not be attentive and affectionate, then a woman for a long time may have a feeling of disgust for sexual intercourse. The fate of harmonious family relations is decided on the first night. Therefore, it's better to read both the young people who decided to marry about how the first wedding night passes and how to create an ideal atmosphere.

If a man loves his wife, if he is gentle anddoes not show rudeness, it will help her to relax, relax. A young woman will have a desire and excitement. Do not neglect the prelude, it is necessary to caress the woman, gradually bringing her to orgasm with caresses, kisses, stimulation of erogenous zones. To direct defloration it is necessary to pass only after the expiration of two hours. A man needs to be careful and considerate, then everything will be wonderful. A grateful, beloved and happy woman will always want to respond to the wife's affection.

In general, the saying that a man will be all overlife is content with what is capable of awakening in a woman, is just. If an inexperienced young wife encounters in a long-awaited and exciting night with rudeness, lust, unwillingness to listen to her feelings, then, most likely, it will cause her a deep mental trauma. And all this, of course, not the best way affect the family life.

Do not drink alcohol at the weddingdrinks, let's just say a glass of champagne to relieve tension. The first wedding night, of course, should be remembered, to be the bright beginning of a long life together. And the excessive use of alcohol is unlikely to have a beneficial effect on the atmosphere of the first night. It's good if young people have the opportunity to spend their first night not under one roof with relatives, but in a separate apartment or hotel room. If the first wedding night will be held at the hotel, then the administration usually provides everything to this case and decorates the room. If this mystery occurs in a rented apartment, then you need to prepare in advance beautiful bed linens, scented candles, beautiful romantic music. It is necessary to take with you from the wedding or prepare in advance a few salads and canapés, as well as fruits and drinks, because the young on the first night will take a lot of energy and strength and will necessarily wake up not only erotic hunger, but quite ordinary, natural.

The bride, reflecting on the first night with her beloved,looks through various photos, goes to clothes shops, choosing an outfit for an unforgettable night. But chic lace exotic corsets and kits are best reserved for subsequent magic nights, and on the first night will be actual lightweight white clothes in combination with white stockings.

And, of course, it is not necessary to find out on the first nightrelationships, recalculate donated, quarrel and show discontent with something. After all, this is the beginning of a long journey hand in hand, and therefore it is not necessary to overshadow it with inconsistencies and conflicts.

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