What does the wedding dream about?

Subject dreams sometimes come to a person,if he is fixated on the upcoming event during wakefulness. If the upcoming wedding takes all the thoughts of a loving young man or a virgin dreamer, it's no surprise that the happy story "a white dress - Mendelssohn's march - the exchange of rings" will sooner or later dream them in a dream. And absolutely will not have anything to do with dreams, which are often interpreted "from the opposite." The interpretation of sleep in this case is the most that neither is direct.

Why dream of a wedding in this case? Of course, to the wedding! And such a dream is not considered prophetic, because the wedding, which soon takes place in reality, was prepared and logically followed from the normal course of events. Signs of the higher forces are searched when the future wedding, for example, is not so obvious or completely impossible.

Why dream of a wedding to a single girl? If this is your own wedding, then such a dream can be a signal - it's time to make a fateful decision! It will not be easy, but the choice should be made. This decision may not have anything to do with the upcoming triumph, but will necessarily affect well-being in the near future. When you see your own wedding in a dream, you should try to remember all your sensations and the brightest details of sleep.

If in a dream the bride feels unhappy orindifferent - it promises or a possible illness, or disappointment in love. If you dream that you marry a decrepit old man, then this is exactly the disease - it's time to go to the doctors. If a dream is one of the guests in mourning - the marriage will be unsuccessful. Such a dream can also warn that the planned trip will be overshadowed by something. Own wedding can be a warning about some news from afar. True, if guests had fun, then, as many dream books say, they will lead.

What does the wedding dream about, if you are on ita witness or a guest? Definitely, a bad dream is to see yourself at someone else's wedding in a white dress. Foretells a serious illness. All the rest does not bode well. What does the wedding of a sister or brother dream about? This can give the attention of a person who will bother you more than will be pleasant. Or, if the sisters are not really there - just the appearance of some powerful acquaintance.

What does the wedding of a friend dream about, and you are on it inas a witness? This is a very good dream! He signals a joyful event, which, perhaps, will lead to the realization of some dream or a meeting with a person who will become the meaning of your life.

What does the wedding dream of the representatives of a strongsex? A man who saw a wedding procession in a dream should look closely at his close friends - some of them are harming him. This dream can also warn that in reality his wife will be jealous of him. He must be very careful not to disturb the peace in the family. To talk at a wedding in a dream with the groom is a signal that competitors will try to ruin it. It's bad for business to see yourself drinking alcohol at a wedding. And talking with the bride - on the contrary, very good. Hence, all the machinations of enemies will be futile! If an unmarried man dreamed that he himself is a bridegroom, then this may be a warning of the serious illness that threatens him. Or to signal a possible quarrel with a lover or own mother.

Wedding can also be dreamed of to married women, andmarried men. Why dream of a wedding in this case? For a married woman, someone's wedding is a very good dream. He portends a close family celebration for some unexpectedly pleasant occasion. For example, the husband received an increase, and his wife will have to organize a family celebration on this occasion. For a married man, a wedding in a dream presages, most likely, family quarrels because of jealousy.

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