How to like a man in bed, not having much experience?

It happens that the man did not like the bedfemale. How to be? What to do to your partner was good with you in bed? Intimate relationships are part of human life. They play an important role in the lives of women and men. And experience in this matter is not the main thing. The most important thing is to trust the partner, to be with him in close spiritual relations.

All initially experience how to likethe man in bed. It is natural. From the first sex with a man, further relationships with him depend. If something goes wrong, there is a high probability that the first time will be the last. Excessive excitement can greatly spoil the whole process.

Do not brag!

how to like a man in bed
Many make the mistake of starting to brag aboutwords about their, so to speak, opportunities, but in the end, in fact, it's completely wrong. But men are more inclined to such a thing. They believe that tales of their skills in the intimate sphere can attract the attention of girls.

Do not experiment

Having no experience in sex, women oftenthink about what to do in bed, so that a man likes. The most important thing is to carefully prepare. No matter how scary, it is necessary to calm down, otherwise nothing will come out. Much depends on whether it will be sex for one night or the beginning of a serious relationship. In both cases, a woman should not experiment. For example, if she has never touched the lips of a male member, then you should not do this during the first intimacy. It will turn out awkward and will not bring pleasure to anyone.

the man did not like the woman in bed
There is a risk not only not to impress the man, but alsodisappoint him. In addition, it is not yet a fact that a man will appreciate such efforts. Perhaps he will accept such behavior as usual for a girl, this will alienate him, then he will not even call. Therefore, for starters, it will be enough to prelude and caress the cock with your hands.

Important understanding

what to do in bed to make a man like
Women who do not have experience in sex shouldto understand that in theory one can know many things, but in practice everything can turn out to be quite different than dreamed. In intimate proximity, it is important to feel each other and understand without unnecessary words. A woman should know how to caress and excite a man, when and where appropriate. To please a man in bed, it is important to recognize him as a person, to understand his habits and tastes. And this takes time.

Correct prelude

What should I do to please a man in bed? Before sex, of course, take time to foreplay. Many practical aids advise you to dance an erotic dance, to make an exciting massage. No need to be assertive, and then run away ... Suddenly he also does not have experience and he is afraid of a sophisticated partner?

Another very important point is underwear. It should be beautiful and sexy, from one set.

If the meeting is planned in advance, then there is the opportunity to think about the situation: arrange candles in the bedroom, include pleasant music. This will help everyone who does not know how to please a man in bed.

Listen to the partner

Many girls, not having sexual experience, not up toend realize that intimacy and sexual affection are interrelated things. The partner will be affectionate and patient with the girl, if he likes him, if he cares what she will feel at an intimate moment. Therefore, it is worth everything to learn, get used to and try with that man who will take care of a woman's physical health and her morale. If you experiment with an outsider, unpleasant surprises are possible during the process. What is very sad, an unscrupulous partner can take the details of sexual intercourse outside the bedroom, for example, tell all friends.

how to like a man in bed without having much experience
If a woman has a close emotional contact with a man, then it's best to ask him how he likes to spend time in bed.

But a woman should not forget her ownpleasure. Do not be shy to ask a man about affection, and also tell him how best to do this to reach orgasm. If a woman does not get a discharge during sex for a long time with a certain man, then it is unlikely that they will develop further relationships. Thinking about how to please a man in bed, do not forget about yourself. In this case, there should be a healthy egoism.

what to do to please a man in bed
Beautiful figure - half the success

Most men like slim girls, withflat, beautiful tummy, tightened and elastic buttocks. A woman should follow her figure regularly. How do you like a man in bed? Of course, we must take care of our figure. Regular sports, training in fitness centers will be an excellent option.

Body care

No less important is the care of the nails,hair (not only on the head). Be sure to get rid of hair in the bikini zone. Do not forget that you need to get rid of the hair not only in the bikini zone, but also on the sexual sponges. To avoid irritability, it is better to do this with a laser. Those who do not know how to like the male Aquarius in bed, can take into account that the more mature representatives of this sign, like the not completely shaved pubic area in women. You can leave in the middle of either two strips, or one solid.

Also, care should be taken that the legs and hollows under the armpits are carefully shaved.

Kisses are important!

Girls who are worried, how to likea man in bed, not having much experience in the intimate sphere, should not forget about the kisses. In this case, we also need to improve. You can practice on the palm, knee or the old good way - on tomatoes. No matter how ridiculous it may sound, such training helps. Kissing is an integral part of sex. They are the beginning of passion and excite a man.

how to like a man water in bed
Many girls, thinking how to like a man in bed, are afraid of oral sex. But men remain from him in delight. If you trust an experienced partner, you can not be afraid of such caresses.

Vaginal training

If a girl does not know how to like a man inshe needs to practice the vagina. This will help during sex to tighten the head of the penis more strongly, which will give the partner more pleasure. Training is very simple: you need to inflate your stomach, hold it in this position for 2-3 seconds, release. You can also alternately strain and relax the perineum. Such daily exercises will help to control the vagina during sex.

And what is most important?

You can put the figure and body in order, dressbeautiful linen, create a romantic atmosphere, you can study the sea of ​​literature on the topic of sex, but most importantly, what can not be learned is to feel the partner. This is the only way to achieve mutual pleasure. This takes time. Take a closer look at each other, learn to listen and understand.

The latest advice - do not watch porn films!It's a movie, not a life, a fantasy (not always healthy) of a screenwriter and director. They can not learn to have sex and try to please a man. Be natural and honest with your partner. Then you will have a strong relationship, and all the wisdom of ancient art you will learn together with pleasure and joy.

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