You and I are a wonderful family! How to excite a wife in two steps

Unfortunately, very often the sex of many marriedthe couple becomes something like working out their duties. The reason for this is the unsettled way of life, problems at work, sick children, and so on. We, women, in such cases often refuse husbands because of "headache." Dear men, that your marital relations are not characterized by the phrase of the wife "let's rather, and sleep", read this article. It will tell you how to excite your wife.

We approach everything wisely

how to excite a wife

Guys, do not think that your family happiness is based only on the events that occur in bed during sex. On the contrary, it needs to be adjusted in advance. How? Now we'll find out.

How to excite a wife. Step one

Working day

To begin, make two or three calls to her forworking day. Pronounce phrases that seem to mean nothing, but are accompanied by affectionate words. Closer to the end of her working day, you can send excitement SMS. The wife will be pleased - believe me!


In the evening, it's worth considering dinner by candlelight. Talk leisurely. Tell your wife how happy you are with her. Do not forget, women love with their ears. If you have planned for the evening some household affairs, then make them together with his wife in a rather playful manner. Do not forget to stealthily kiss her in those places that were once her erogenous zones. If your spouse likes, when it is plucked for the ass, then do it.

sex-inducing wife

How to excite a wife. Step Two

So, the first step on the road to family happinessmade. Your spouse is already located to sincere sex. But it is not yet excited in the physiological sense of the word. Remember that a very excited wife is just a whirlwind in bed! Do not demand from her sex at once, as soon as you went to bed, otherwise you can extinguish the "flame of passion". To begin with, very intellectually invite her to the love bed: take her hand and lead her to the bed. Sit next to you and, like the first time, start giving kisses. First - on the lips, then on the whole body. Men, you yourself get excited about it, so give yourself to the will of your own feelings!

Petting and petting. Use pre-petting and, if there isdesire, petting. Let your wife get her first orgasm simply from touching you through clothes (for example, when she takes the pose "rider" and rubs through her panties on the erect member of her husband). Guys, remember: the more pleasure your woman receives, the more she will give it to you!

Cunnilingus. Oral sex on the part of the husband is the most faithfula tool that solves the problem of how to arouse a wife. Push her wet panties aside and start with genuine interest to caress her clitoris, while penetrating your fingers into the vagina ... Bring the spouse to the second orgasm.

very excited wife

Sex and again sex! She experienced a second orgasm and limp? Well, everything, it's time to act! Turn her on her back and plunge into her gentle and slippery bosom, like a young stallion! As often as possible change the posture, make your spouse literally suffocate from your orgasms!

Men, remember the main rule of love: it's not the man who made the woman to sleep with him, but the one who could please her! Good luck to you guys!

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