What are these signs of love for men ?!

Each woman has always been interested in one question: how to understand the attitude of a man to her. To understand this not very simple topic, today we will talk about what are the signs of love in men. Of course, we will try to identify the main criteria, but do not forget that a person is inherently individual. And here it is necessary to make a discount. But, even so, one can distinguish those signs of love in men that are inherent in the majority, and can manifest themselves in varying degrees in almost every member of the stronger sex.

As a rule, at the stage of the origin of relationssigns of a guy's love for a girl are barely perceptible. Feel and understand this can be the so-called, special game eyes. An applicant to your heart can look at you, either hiding a look, or directly in the eyes, whether it's a guy or an adult man. Here it is very important to pay attention to how a man sits, that is, carefully look closely at his pose. Anyone who shows a genuine interest in a woman, begins to reach for her, lean in her direction, constantly follow her like a shadow. At this stage, that is, the stage of the birth of feelings, men quite often during a conversation with the object of their attention stumbled, made reservations or simply carry some nonsense. A sure sign of a strong excitement, which once again confirms that a man is not indifferent to you, is that when he talks with you he starts to twist something in his hands.

And this is not all the signs of love in men. If you notice that your interlocutor begins to talk too loudly with you, or conversely, very quietly, laughs and jokes a lot, or tries to look too seriously, this is clear evidence that the man made you his chosen one. However, it is also found that at the beginning of a relationship a man diligently avoids any relationship with you. This should not be alarming. Such behavior arises from excessive shyness and unrest.

Over time, signs of love in men are becomingmore noticeable, and it is much easier to understand whether he loves you or not. The surest sign of the manifestation of male love is his constantly upbeat mood. And this is noticed all around, namely colleagues at work, relatives and friends, and even unfamiliar people.

We have reviewed the signs thatarise at the initial stage of the origin of relations. Now let's go further and talk about further developments. Here it is worth noting the fact that as soon as a man let you into his holy of holies, that is, his dwelling, and allows it to be hosted, then everything is already said. And if he is also proud of what changes you made in his house, for example, hung new curtains or filled the room with plants, then in general there is no doubt about the relationship of a man to you does not remain. It is important to highlight one more thing: the man who really loves you, will willingly acquaint you with his friends and take him to his company. What is noteworthy, the signs of a guy's love are not much different from those of an adult already men.

A man who really loves you willready to make some sacrifices. He can tolerate your whims, quit your business and run at your request to meet you, go round half the city, or even all, in search of some sort of trinkets you need so much. But, here's what's important: do not get carried away by this type of checks and make a man do this, no matter how much he loved you.

And, finally, if a man told you that he wants to have joint children, then it is difficult to not understand the seriousness of his intentions and the depth of his feelings.
Of course, any woman is able from the very beginning of the relationship to understand how a man treats her. But love it or not, you can learn only after some time!

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