The first wedding night - what to do?

The first wedding night - what to do? To begin with, I want to note that in the classical sense this concept is rare today. Newlyweds often already have experience in the sexual plan, which was acquired even before the wedding. But there are exceptions. It is worth considering them and giving an answer to the question: "The first wedding night - what to do?".

The first wedding night what to do
In the relationship of two lovers can be identifiedseveral types of behavior. For example, "Romeo + Juliet". This means that both the guy and the girl are virgins. Something - and this is really a rarity. And the fact that in front of this pair of new impressions and the discovery of an unknown world for them - it's great. So, in that case, the question "the first wedding night - what to do?" it is worth giving the following answer: "Relax - and give oneself up to feelings and emotions." The process will go only when the thoughts go to the background, and the waves are languorous and negro will capture the bodies of the newlyweds. You just need to relax and have fun, and not to force events due to the fact that somewhere in the subconscious there is a fear of not having time to do something. A man should remember: do not be surprised and afraid. After all, the girl at this moment wants to see beside her a confident and strong man, and not a timid and timid boy. She wants to know that she trusts herself to the right person. And the girl herself should listen to the call of her body and heart.

Wedding night
Reasoning on the theme "The first wedding night - thatdo? "It is worth noting one more fact: after the first sex a woman can virginity and not lose because of a very strong or elastic hymen.It can not be broken by an inexperienced man at a time.In this case, one should not be frightened. days.

Another version of the relationship in the pair - "Petrarch andLaura. "This situation is more common, the girl did not have sexual relations before marriage, and the man is experienced. Many guys are afraid to deprive their chosen virgin. For some reason. Someone is unpleasant, someone is afraid that she will be hurt.

In this case, there are pitfalls, as in anyfriend. For a girl, the wedding night is not an ordinary sexual impression. Specialists have proved that the first sex has a huge impact on the origin of sensuality. The slightest tactlessness - and the girl will be negative about sexual life. Frigidity may even develop. An experienced man must first prepare a partner for intimacy. Simply put, prelude will help. Only then it will be possible to proceed to the main process.

It happens and this: the girl is already a goddess in sex, and the guy is a virgin. Well ... then the whole initiative - the young lady in hand. She has to make sure that her faithful is not nervous and feels confident. After all, this can hurt his feelings - that his chosen one has experience, and he still "stayed", so to speak.

The first night

Finally, the first wedding night is important for those whoalready has experience in sex: solemnity does not disappear! The girl always expects from the first "official" closeness of something special. Do not forget this. In order for the first night to be more pleasant for the newlyweds, you can before that drink a delicious wine, have something to eat. And, of course, the atmosphere. Semi-dark room, clean beautiful linen, flowers, music will fill the first wedding night with romance, which you will remember all your life.

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