"Cliff" Lermontov. Analysis of the poem

cliff of Lermontov

The life and work of the great Russian poet andwriter M. Yu. Lermontov seem to be a bright flash of lightning in the dark sky. This talented person did not live up to 30 years, but still managed to leave behind a great legacy of works impregnated with meaning, love for the motherland, nature and his people. The poem "Cliff" Lermontov wrote in 1841, a few weeks before his death. Although many bibliographers believe that the poet guessed about the completion of his mortal existence on earth, in this work there is no hint of farewell or something like that.

The verse "Cliff" Lermontov composed, staying inadmiration from the surrounding landscapes. His inner world perceived nature in a special way, the poet treated her like a living creature. Although the work is saturated with romance, it can not be called happy. In just two small quatrains, Mikhail Yurievich was able to convey a deep sense of life.

Most literary critics converge onThe opinion that when writing the poem "The Rock" Lermontov wished to combine spiritual with material, compare the divinity, the unearthly beauty of the cloud and the everyday world, the worldly essence of the stone. People often forget about their souls, focusing on the body. The author wanted to remind you that it is possible to achieve harmony and be happy, but only by combining these two principles.

Lermontov cliff poem

Some researchers of the poet's workotherwise they interpret the meaning of the poem. They believe that when writing "Cliff", Lermontov wished to depict the fate of two dissimilar people. The cloud can symbolize a young beauty, full of vitality and happiness. In turn, the cliff is a young man, wise and wise. Looking at the windy stranger, who suits his fathers, he clearly understands that his time has passed, joyful days have remained in the distant past. A man is well with a girl's company, she brightens up his gray routine, but when she goes to her friends and girlfriends, he only feels more clearly worthless and lonely, realizing that for him there is no place in the world of young people. A soul without a body can be, it is very happy, returning to another world, but the earth's shell without it can not do without, it suffers and cries. A bright contrast between the material and spiritual world was created by Lermontov. "Cliff" - a poem that contains a deep hidden meaning. The cloud is depicted as weightless, cheerful and cheerful, but a steep rock is seen by the reader of the old, unhappy, tired of life.

a poem from the Lermontov Rock
The poem M. Yu. Lermontov's "Cliff" to some extent can be called autobiographical. Of course, the poet was not literally an old man, but even among his peers he felt like a stranger. Mikhail Yurievich grew up very early, his world outlook and wisdom show in him a man wise in life's experience. He was tired of his own life, from the surrounding darkness. Lermontov could not find happiness, so he could only reconcile himself with misunderstanding and doom himself to loneliness.

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