Analysis of the poem "The Death of the Poet" M. Lermontov

The poem "The Death of the Poet" by Lermontov istribute to the genius of the great Russian poet - Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin. Mikhail Yurievich always admired the talent of his contemporary, took an example from him. For this reason, he was shocked to the depth of his soul by the news of Pushkin's death. Lermontov first expressed his protest to society, the authorities and truthfully described the events of that time. He does not understand that such a sincere, open and talented person as Alexander Sergeyevich can do in a society of stupid, greedy people who were only jealous of him and ridiculed him behind his back.

death of the poet Lermontov
From the poem "Death of the poet" Lermontov withthe first lines it becomes clear that the author accuses the death of a man not the duelist Dantes, but the entire society. It was well known to Mikhail Yurievich that Pushkin was ridiculed in the last years of his life, treated like a court jester. The poet suffered in isolation from a misunderstanding, but could do nothing.

Mockery of fate Lermontov considers the fact thatthe great Russian genius was raised by a man who despised Russian culture and traditions. But not one Dantes was to blame for what had happened, the environment that did everything to heat the passions to the limit and stir up the hatred of each other for the two men, should have realized that it was endangering the life of a man who had enriched the treasury of Russian culture. After the death of Pushkin, many people who despised him put on the mask of universal sorrow, and this fact is considered by M. Lermontov as a manifestation of excessive hypocrisy.

"The death of a poet" consists of two parts. The beginning of the poem is elegy, in the second part satire is clearly seen. At first, Mikhail Yuryevich simply tells about the events that happened and accuses people guilty of the death of a talented person. Then he repulsed those who dared justify Pushkin's killers. Poem "Death of the poet" Lermontov is an appeal to the insensitive descendants of wealthy and influential parents, the so-called "golden youth". He is confident that they will sooner or later get what they deserve.

m death of the poet
In the fact that on this earth there is no truth, not evenMikhail Lermontov doubts. "Death of a poet" is a challenge to an arrogant society, accustomed to solve all their problems and punch their way through the ringing of coins. But there is still an incorruptible judgment of God, and there everyone who is guilty of Pushkin's death will receive what they deserve. The author of the poem is sure that the murderers will never be able to wash off the righteous blood of a great man with their useless blood.

Michael Lermontov the death of the poet
Lermontov's "death of the poet" is fairthe accusation of the entire environment of Pushkin, which failed to support him, but only trampled in the mud. Mikhail Yuryevich in many respects similar to his idol, he too was not understood by his contemporaries. He, just like Alexander Sergeevich, died in a duel. But by no means did the bullet cause the death of both geniuses, they were killed by indifference, contempt, frank misunderstanding, envy of society. Both Pushkin and Lermontov understood that they could not live in a world where poets were equated with court jesters, which is probably why they left so early.

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