M. Yu. Lermontov. Brief biography of the writer

Lermontov Mikhail Yurievich, whose biography beforestill completely unknown, marked with his work a completely new stage in the development of Russian literature. In his works harmoniously combined personal, philosophical and civil motives, which at that time could not be better answered the spiritual needs of society.

Lermontov biography
Creativity Lermontov had a huge impact on the next generation of poets and prose writers. Many of his works were screened, played in the theater, displayed in painting, and poetry became romances.

M. Yu. Lermontov. Short biography: childhood

The future writer was born in October 1814. Even before the new year, the entire family from Moscow returned to Tarkhany - the grandmother's estate in the Penza region. Misha was left without a mother when he was not three years old. The father wanted to take his son with him, but my grandmother made a will in such a way that everything will remain to his grandson only if he lives with her until the age of majority.

M. Yu. Lermontov. Short biography: studies

At the age of 14, Mikhail became a disciple of the Nobleboarding house operating at Moscow University. At the same time, he became interested in poetry and began to write. His first teacher in this case was S. E. Raich. Michael studied for 2 years, and the boarding house was closed. In the autumn Lermontov went to the moral and political faculty at the same university. Michael did not adhere to any circle, and generally stayed away from all students.

lermontov mihail biography
In the autumn of the following year, when Lermontov moved to the verbal faculty, his father died. Lectures on the new department Michael almost did not attend and for testing at the end of the year did not appear.

M. Yu. Lermontov. Short biography: moving to St. Petersburg

In August 1832, Mikhail became a pupil of the SchoolGuards Junkers, which was established for young noblemen entering the Guards without any military training and education. With this event his transfer to Petersburg was connected. After studying at the School for 2 years, he received a primary officer rank. During this period, Mikhail did not stop writing.

M. Yu. Lermontov. Short biography: arrest and reference

In January 1837, the country was shocked by the news ofthe death of Pushkin. At this event, Mikhail Lermontov responded with a poem "The Death of a Poet." Since the verse was of a political nature, the poet was arrested and exiled to the Caucasus. Since that day, he lived only 4 years. And in this short time Lermontov created those works, which then began to be considered the best of his poetic heritage.

m Lermontov biography
This "Mtsyri", "Demon" and many picturesque,musical, diverse in the embodiment of poems, proving the boundless power of his talent. In 1839, Lermontov finished work on the novel "Hero of Our Time".

M. Lermontov. Short biography: duel

The poet dreamed of leaving the militaryservice and completely surrender to literature, start publishing your own journal. But he was allowed to stay in St. Petersburg for a while. And then it became possible thanks to the petition of influential persons and EA Arsenyeva, his grandmother. After the visit, the poet went on his last trip to the Caucasus, and in essence - in exile. He was full of gloomy forebodings. The occasion for a quarrel leading to a fateful duel was insignificant. The poet himself was almost certain that the duel would not take place. However, Martynov did not intend to abandon him. He inflicted a mortal wound on M. Yu. Lermontov during this ill-fated duel in Pyatigorsk. It happened in the summer of 1841, and next spring the ashes of the poet were sent to Tarkhany, a family estate.

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