M. Yu. Lermontov, "Angel": an analysis of the poem

Mikhail Lermontov "Angel" wrote at a very young age, the author was barely 16 years old.

Lermontov angel
Despite the fact that the poem refers toearly period of the poet's work, it possesses lightness, beauty, amazes the reader with a calm, pacifying atmosphere. Mikhail Yurievich took as a basis a lullaby, which he was humming as a child to his mother. The content of the half-forgotten song, he completely changed, borrowing only the size.

The meaning of the work

The poem "Angel" M. Yu. Lermontov belongs to the epic romantic works. It consists of four quatrains and tells of the birth of a new life on earth. An angel flies across the sky singing a beautiful song about paradise, the bliss of sinless spirits. He carries the Soul with him to reunite her with the body at the moment the child is born. The pure soul of a baby angel promises an eternal paradise under the condition of a righteous life and sincere faith in God.

Unfortunately, since childhood, a person hasto face grief, resentment, pain, humiliation. Earthly life is far from the bliss of Heaven, but still in the depths of the soul sounds a beautiful song of the angel, which does not allow you to drop your hands, to lose faith in your abilities. Analysis of Lermontov's poem "Angel" allows you to see the melody of the work. By its tenderness, it really looks like a song. The writer managed to achieve a calming atmosphere with the help of whistling and hissing sounds prevailing in the verse. They create the effect of hovering an angel above the ground and are an excellent background.

analysis of the poem by Lermontov Angel

Hymn to the divine world

The poet does not speak directly about the events taking place,the reader can only guess in general terms about what Lermontov wanted to say. "Angel" is a hymn to the Kingdom of Heaven, which only the righteous with a pure soul can get into. The poet stresses that man did not enjoy earthly songs, they seemed boring to him. On earth, the Soul languishes in anticipation of returning to Paradise. Mikhail Yurevich managed to achieve an easy and soft contrast by comparing the earthly and heavenly life.

The poem traces a clear line betweenparallel worlds, it is visible only at the moment of birth and death of a person. If you look at the work from a philosophical point of view, it becomes clear what kind of idealist in his youth was Lermontov. The angel in his understanding is God's messenger, which gives hope to man for a better future, convinces to lead a righteous life. The poet claims that man comes to earth only in order to suffer, to make up his own pain to atone for sins, to purify his own soul with tears.

poem, angel, M. Yu.
Mikhail Yurievich is sure that in his bodilythe shell on the earth man is temporarily, in death there is nothing bad and terrible, for the Soul does not die, but lives forever. Lermontov "Angel" composed to compare the Divine and mortal existence. No wonder the poem begins with the word "heaven", and ends - "earth". The poet compares the singing to the lullabies to a peculiar ritual that resembles the process of cultivating the soul. Lermontov emphasizes that even the most beautiful, tender lullaby can not match the angel's song. This is only her stingy copy, reminiscent of the existence of Paradise.

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