Abstract: Chekhov "Horse name". A vivid example of an anecdote story

Anton Pavlovich in his works alwaysdescribed some moral or social situations involving ordinary people. The writer sincerely believed that if to show a person what he really is, then he will necessarily change for the better. Early work of Anton Pavlovich is characterized by short humorous stories, which use satirical and comic techniques. A striking example of such works is the "Horse Surname" AP. Chekhov.

Find workarounds

Czech shortlist horse surname
The fact that Major General retired Buldeyevthe tooth is very painful, the narrator briefly narrates the reader. Chekhov "Horse name" wrote to laugh at the situation, to understand the comic situation of the former military. All the surrounding people advised Buldeev to use popular methods. What the general did not do: he applied opium, tobacco soot, kerosene, turpentine to the tooth, stuffed cotton wool soaked in alcohol, smeared his cheek with iodine, but these methods did not work, they only caused nausea.

Buldeev called a doctor, but attributed to himthe result did not bring any, and the general flatly refused to tear the tooth. And here his clerk Ivan Evseich recalls a man who knows how to treat dental diseases by conspiracies - this is exactly what the summary tells about. Chekhov "Horse name" wrote to ridicule the ways that adults and quite reasonable people were going to ease the pain. The general disdainfully refers to conspiracies, calls the healer a charlatan, but at the same time is going to entrust his health to him.

Trouble in the house

horse surname
The clerk persuaded Buldeev to take advantage ofservices of an excise official, but the problem is that he went to Saratov, but it does not matter, because you can write a telegram and the medicine man will heal the tooth from a distance, and send money for the treatment by mail. All would be fine, but only Ivan Evseich forgot the name of the healer, only remembered that she is somehow connected with horses. Here, then, began the turmoil, which narrates the summary. Chekhov "Horse name" wrote to once again show the discrepancy between the inner essence and external manifestations.

In the house, everyone began to come up with different optionsname of the so-called "doctor": Kobylkin, Zherebtsov, Uzdechkin, Loshadkin. Wife, children, servants, acquaintances - all threw their affairs and followed on the heels of the clerk, offering their options. To show the exaggeration of the commotion in the house, used the hyperbole Chekhov. "Horse name", a short summary shows how everyone was busy writing the name, contains a lot of colloquial speech, which very well characterizes the characters.

Unexpected outcome

Czechs horse name
With the onset of the night Buldeeva became even worse,He was so sick with a tooth that he did not sleep much, but he could not even find a place for himself. Tired until morning, the general sent for the doctor, that he eventually pulled out his tooth - this is the essence of the story. Chekhov "Horse name", like any other story-anecdote, ends unexpectedly and comically. When the doctor asks the clerk to sell him some oats, Ivan Evseich remembers the name of the sorceress - Ovsov. He runs with glad tidings to the general, but he only angrily shows him two cookies, the tooth is already torn out.

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