Analysis of Lermontov's poem "The Beggar": disappointment in love

Mikhail Yurievich Lermontov by nature was a skeptic,so he did not take religion seriously, although he repeatedly turned to spiritual values ​​in his work. The poet prayed at times particularly hard for him to clear his soul of doubt, anxiety and sorrow. But at the same time he despised religion, which made people submissive and forced to suffer suffering and humiliation. Lermontov was a rebel and a fighter for freedom, he preferred to defend his ideals, and not to remain silent in the corner. Despite this, the writer repeatedly visited temples and monasteries to learn humility, which he was not awarded by nature.

analysis of the poem Lermontov beggar
Verse of Lermontov "Beggar" was written in 1830during a pilgrimage to the Trinity-Sergius Lavra, which the poet made with his friends and beloved Ekaterina Sushkova. According to one of the versions, Mikhail Yurievich took real facts for the basis of the work, although his bride refuted this information. After writing the poem, none of the writer's surroundings had any doubts about who it was intended for, because it was the act of Sushkov that provoked the poet to write a poem.

Analysis of the poem by Lermontov "The Beggar" allowsto realize cruelty of the world, callousness of surrounding people. The work describes a case where a poor man, begging, met the young people near the porch. He was dying of hunger and thirst, so he wanted to get something from food or some money, but instead someone put a stone in his hand to a blind, old and sick man. According to eyewitnesses, this infamous and inhuman act was committed by Ekaterina Sushkova.

Analysis of the poem by Lermontov "The Beggar"shows how much the poet was struck by the poet, he seemed to see it with other eyes. The act of Sushkovoy can be compared with a thunder among the clear skies, the writer was like poured a tub of water. He has admired this girl so many years, adored her, and she turned out to be such a monster. In the same way as with the poor, she joked with his feelings, but only at that moment Lermontov understood this.

Lermontov is a penniless poem
"Beggar" - a poem that changed the world viewpoet, sobered him and made him overcome his love for an insensible coquette. Mikhail's friends knew that the girl was only amusing over him, but they were not in a hurry to talk about it, as they remembered the explosive nature of the writer. Analysis of Lermontov's poem "The Beggar" shows that the poet was able to admit to himself that he was mistaken, and the beauty was unworthy of his love.

Lermontov's verse
As a result, Mikhail Yurievich parted ways with CatherineSushkovoy, but since he was by nature a vindictive person, he later took revenge on her. This happened 5 years after the events described in the verse "The Beggar". The poet did not express true feelings, he showed gallantry and constantly admired the beauty of the girl. In the end, Sushkov fell in love with him, that's when Lermontov struck her crushing blow. Mikhail Yuryevich announced at all that Catherine was stupid, ugly, and only aroused pity. Analysis of Lermontov's poem "The Beggar" allows not only to marvel at the callousness of the surrounding world, but also to open the veil over the feelings of the great Russian poet.

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