Summary. "Chameleon" - the story of A. Chekhov

In this article, you will not read all the workChekhov, but only its brief content. "Chameleon" is a witty story, small in volume, so you might want to read it completely. So, let's begin.

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Anton Chekhov. "Chameleon". Summary

On the market square is Ochumelov - a policemanoverseer. A policeman steps after him, carrying a confiscated gooseberry in a sieve. There is not a soul in the square. Suddenly, Ochumelov hears a scream and a dog squeal, and after a few seconds he sees that from the wood storehouse of a merchant named Pichugin, limping on one paw, a dog runs. A man follows her. He catches up with her and grabs his hind legs. It turns out that this is none other than Hryukin - a goldsmith master. A little drunk, he tries to catch a dog that bit him by the finger. A crowd is going to the people. The frightened greyhound white puppy is in the center. Ochumelov asks about what happened, why all gathered here. Hryukin says that he talked about firewood with Mitry Mitrich, and this mean dog has bitten him by the finger for nothing. The warden asks about whose dog it is, but nobody knows. He says that this will not leave it so that it needs to be destroyed, because it is probably mad. The owner also needs to be punished for not keeping his dog on the chain and thereby violating the established order. Suddenly, one of the crowd assumes that this puppy, possibly General Zhigalov. Then Ochumelov asks Hryukin about how the dog could bite him, since it's so small and does not reach his finger. He suspects the master of lying.

Summary. "Chameleon". Continuation

Gorodovoy says that this is not the general'sdog, and Ochumelov immediately changes his mind. He tells Khryukin that he does not leave this matter so simple. But the policeman assumes that after all the dog can be a general. Then the warder tells Yeldyrin to take the puppy to the general and told him not to let her out, since she's expensive. And if everyone she meets will poke her cigarette in the face, then you can spoil her.

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Summary. "Chameleon". Conclusion

Prohor appears, the general's cook. He is asked if he knows whose dog it is. He replies that it is not them. Ochumelov claims that it must be destroyed, because it is stray. But Prokhor says that this dog is not Zhigalov, but his brother - Vladimir Ivanovich, who came to stay with them. The cook says that the owner does not like greyhounds. But they like the general's brother, so he came to visit with his puppy. Ochumelov is surprised that Vladimir Ivanovich is in the city, and that he did not know this. He asks Prokhor to pick up the dog and admires her courage and the way she deftly grabbed Hryukin by the finger. Prokhor goes from the wood warehouse and calls the puppy behind him. The crowd laughs at Khryukin. And Ochumelov threatens that even before he gets, and leaves the market square.


The story "Chameleon", the summary of whichyou just read, has a deep meaning. It reflects a flattery person who does not have his own opinion. He is dependent on the behavior of others and curses before the higher ranks. This can all convey even a brief summary. "Chameleon" is a story that is very useful to read in full to see all the details described by Chekhov.

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