V.G. Korolenko, a brief summary of "The Moment" - a story about freedom

In 1900, Korolenko wrote his story "The Moment". The summary will help the reader to understand the storyline of the narrative in minutes.

Korolenko summary "Instant"


The story begins with a description by the author of a violent storm. At this time there is a conversation between the corporal and the sentry. They look at how clouds gather, the waves rise and realize that the storm will soon begin. The conversation took place in the Spanish fort. It was here that the fisherman hurried in search of refuge. The writer does not tell who it was, what the man's name was. The main thing is that he had a boat. It was her who introduced Korolenko into his story. The summary "Instant" will help the reader to understand why this attribute with a white sail was needed.

The fisherman understood that to the shore in his vessel healready does not reach, because the storm hardened before our eyes, high harsh waves rose. Then he sent the sailboat to the fort and began to ask for shelter there. The sentry first said that he would ask permission from the authorities. The officer allowed the fisherman to leave. The man found shelter for the whole night, and the boat was tied to the walls of the fort. That's how the story begins, which was invented by Korolenko. The summary "Instant" will acquaint the reader with the main character.

Prisoner of Diac

At the fort there was also a military prison. In it, for more than ten years, the Spanish Spaniard Jose-Maria-Miguel-Diac was serving his sentence. He participated in an armed uprising. First, the rebel was sentenced to death, but then replaced it with imprisonment. This is how Korolenko tells about him, the short content "Instant" will acquaint the reader with the conditions of stay and tell about the behavior of the prisoner. At first, Diacus did not want to put up with his fate. He was full of physical and mental strength. The rebel tried to shake the bars and pull out a few stones to make his way to freedom. But gradually he began to understand the futility of his attempts and resigned himself.

Korolenko story "The Moment"

Diaz slept a lot, looked out the window. He hoped to hear shots that would give him hope of liberation. It would mean a new insurrection.

Path to freedom

That night the prisoner looked out the window again, butFor years, spent in captivity, his eyes became more calm and indifferent. He began to remember if he dreamed of being dreamed, or did he really see some human excitement and heard the shots? While he could not give himself an answer to this question. What did Korolenko read for the reader? The summary "Moment" will tell about it.

Diacus looked out the window and saw a white sail. In his head, thoughts flashed about possible release. The prisoner suddenly remembered clearly that he had actually heard the shots. This gave him strength. He threw off his sleepy numbness and began to shake the grill with both hands. The stones around it fell, and the grate gave way. Diacus took it off and jumped out of the window.

Koronenko's "Instant"

He got into the water and lost consciousness for a while. When he came to his senses, the prisoner thought that it was easy to die in such a deep abyss, and there was no danger in the cell, it was dry there. Diaz again climbed into the room and closed the grate behind him.

But this does not end the story of Korolenko. The summary "Moment" tells that the rebel still decided to run and jumped into the boat. The sentry did not come, but noticed it. But Diac thought only of freedom, and his shots did not stop. However, it is not clear whether Diac survived during the storm.

This is the story Korolenko wrote. The moment of freedom is more expensive than several years of imprisonment - this is the main conclusion of this literary work.

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