The best fables of Mikhalkov for children

More than one generation grew up in the fables of SergeiVladimirovich Mikhalkov. About this remarkable writer and poet, boys and girls of the whole Soviet Union knew in pre-school age. The verses are so simple and easy to remember that the kids, not yet learning to read, memorized them by heart. Fables of Mikhalkov for children are small instructive stories telling how to live.

Striking understanding of children's desires

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To many children, Sergei Vladimirovich is represented inthe image of Uncle Stepa, so it is, in fact, is, because this man, despite his condescending condescension and rudeness, was very kind in his soul and always was the first to hasten to the aid of friends. Mikhalkov's short fables are easily remembered and leave their mark on the formation of the moral qualities of children. The poet in particular loved his little readers, knew how to guess their desires, interests.

It is noteworthy that Sergey Vladimirovich does notloved to attend schools or pioneer camps and generally avoided the circle of children. The poet was not interested in how many grandchildren and great-grandsons he had. Nevertheless, he received great pleasure from the realization that someone likes his work, someone cares about it. It may seem that Mikhalkov's fables for children were written jokingly, easily, playing. In fact, the poet pored over every word, got up in the middle of the night, only to write down a successful line.

The most popular Mikhalkov fables for children

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Sergei Vladimirovich has a lot of beautiful,wise and instructive fables, but some of them are especially popular, because their morals crash into memory for life. Here, for example, the fable "Mushrooms". This work is short, but capacious, its essence boils down to the fact that only proud and often mediocre people scream about themselves and are praised, but really good and talented stand aside, they do not need to declare themselves, everyone already knows about them virtues.

Fable "Elephant-painter" teaches young readersdo not listen to the advice of friends, but have your own opinion. It is impossible to please everyone around, and one who rushes from side to side, trying to be good for everyone, eventually achieves nothing. Mikhalkov's fables for children are taught to be kind, understanding, sympathetic people. The work "Chamomile and Rose" advises to get rid of such poor quality as pride. The good-natured Camomile just wanted to help with friendly advice, but Rosa did not take advantage of them, for which she paid for her own life.

The most favorite fables of Mikhalkov

short fables by Mikhalkov
During his long creative life many interestingworks for children and adults, wrote Sergei Mikhalkov. Fables for children became the most popular category, because they were read by both kids and their parents. The most beloved works are "White Gloves", in which the author teaches that things do not make a person special, everyone needs to work to live. The work "The Hare and the Tortoise" expresses the hope that when we need help, someone next will be a jester than a turtle. Interesting fables also include the "Funny Name", "The Fly and the Bee", "The Mistake" and others.

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