NA Nekrasov, "The Panaevsky cycle": a list of poems

Nikolai Nekrasov is primarily associated withmost with poems about Russia. Endless fields, dusty roads, the hardships of peasant life - all this is reflected in his lyrics, and this is the whole Nekrasov. "The Panaevsky cycle" is a list of poems that are knocked out of the usual subjects, it is a real love poetry, each line of which is dedicated to the poet's wife, albeit civil - Avdotya Panayeva. Their relationship was difficult, but so exciting that it is impossible to tell about them.


In 1842, fate brought young Nicholas andAvdotya Panayeva, in the girlhood of Bryansk, on one of the secular evenings. "You are always good incomparably," the poet later wrote of a new acquaintance. It was love at first sight, and no wonder: Avdotya was young, pretty, talented in literature. She perfectly felt in society, her secular salon attracted a huge number of the most venerable Petersburg writers. Moreover, Panaeva, despite the huge number of fans, was completely devoted to her husband, although he, in turn, did not differ in loftiness and exemplary behavior.

Nekrasov Panayevsky cycle list of poems

Under the spell of Avdotya, even Fyodor Dostoevsky got into trouble, butPanayeva did not allow relations to develop. Of course, the inspired Nekrasov could not help but try his luck. And just like many before him, he received a strong refusal. The lyricist in love almost brought down the counts of life, however, he could be stopped.


But apparently fate herself wanted the poet and hisThe muse were together. Four years later, Nekrasov again confessed his feelings, but this time Avdotya responded to him in kind. This is how Nekrasov's love lyrics began - "The Panaevsky cycle." Nikolai and Avdotya entered into a civil marriage, but far from usual - they lived in Panayev's apartment, moreover, Ivan Panayev was a direct participant in their union - the same "Cupid de Trois", which was repeated half a century later by Mayakovsky and the Brik family.

love lyric poetry

In 1849, that is, three years later,appeared the first-born Nekrasov and Panayeva. Unfortunately, the boy was not destined to live long. But nevertheless, it is during this difficult time that Nekrasov creates the "Panaevsky cycle" - a list of poems in which all his love for this unusually strong woman is reflected.


In 1848, "Contemporary" - the brainchild of AlexanderSergeevich Pushkin, who, due to his decline into Nekrasov's possession, passed through a severe crisis. Censorship control did not miss a huge amount of materials, there was simply nothing to attract the reader. Revival of the famous magazine together with the poet was engaged and Avdotya. She helped to correct the works that were supposed to enter the publication, offered her a number of stories for publication. That is already on this can be judged that Nekrasov dedicated "The Panaevsky cycle" (a list of poems about love) is not accidental to her. This woman deserved such treatment.

Difficult relations

Ljubovnaja lyric of Nekrasov - "Panaevsky cycle" -this is a real book, which tells the entire story of the poet's love and his muse, from the very beginning to the end. They seemed to have been created for each other, but they could not live peacefully. Constant quarrels and conflicts, eternal scandals, the death of a child, which seriously shook Nekrasov's health - all this hardly contributed to family happiness. Panayeva and Nekrasov constantly parted and came together again. In moments of loneliness, the poet wrote new and new poems to his museum, among which, for example, "The Heavy Cross went to her share" and many others. Then Panayeva returned, and again the weeks began, filled with joint creativity and passionate love.

you are always good incomparably

One of the most serious quarrels occurred inmid-fifties, but soon Avdotya already went with a poet to Europe, where he was looking for ways to treat one of his ailments. "We are stupid people with you," wrote the lyricist, not wanting to offend the woman he really adored and praised in his poems.

The final

"For a long time rejected by you" - one of the finalpoems of the cycle. The first part of the story of Panayeva and Nekrasov ended at the very beginning of the sixties - almost twenty years later. Of course, they went a lot, but in recent years, the poet, suffering from a throat disease, increasingly fell into protracted depression and spent time at the card table. Avdotya lost her children from her first wife, and from Nekrasov, and Ivan Panaev himself, who had been with them for a long time, soon died. And it's impossible not to change for such a long time.

a heavy cross fell to her share

The one that Nikolai Nekrasov used to write "Youis always good incomparably ", now appeared in his lyrics tired and exhausted, sometimes crookedly-capricious. With each line of the lyrics became more and more gloomy and pessimistic, the words literally oozed by this strain. Everything ended in 1863, when Avdotya Panayeva left the poet finally and forever.

Without her

After a while, Nekrasov became acquainted withFrenchwoman, who played in the Russian Mikhailovsky Theater. Light and carefree, like a butterfly, the actress turned the head of a broken poet. It is likely that this is what made it easier for him to survive the parting with Panayeva. But these relations did not last too long. One day the actress stated that she did not intend to move to Russia, whereas the poet did not want to live abroad.

long ago rejected by you

After that he met with Vekla Anisimovna,a simple village girl who became his Galatea. After giving her a new name (Zinaida Ivanovna), he taught her the basics of etiquette, showed how to stick to people, took with him wherever he could, so that an uneducated girl should get used to this new world as soon as possible. The poet was very kind to all his chosen ones: he helped them financially, tried to somehow keep friendly relations. But still do not forget the fact that the poem "Three Elegies", so symbolic by name, he dedicated precisely to Panayeva, and not to someone else.

Without him

After the death of the first spouse and break with the poetAvdotya married again. But alas, she was not destined to find happiness in this union - the new elect turned out to be the same rake as Panayev. In this marriage she gave birth to a daughter, completely and completely went into her upbringing, and then the husband left for another world, leaving the former Panayev without means of subsistence. It is known that Avdotya earned a piece of bread by writing stories, but she had to go through a very, very much - the affair with Nekrasov still left a dark spot on her reputation.


Discuss who influenced them moreanother, very difficult. On the other hand, would Nekrasov write "The Panaevsky cycle" (a list of poems that are imbued with love and adoration) for another woman? Could he be realized as a poet without the constant support of an equally talented author?

we are stupid people with you

Because of Avdotya, he quarreled with Turgenev, too,who had some kind of litigation with Panaeva, and Tolstoy and Ostrovsky, although in the last two cases, the lyrical passion for democracy plays a big role, which was not welcomed at that time. But the poem "Three Elegies", which symbolically demonstrates the number of women with whom the lyricist tried to build relationships, he dedicated precisely to Panayeva. Some researchers say that Nekrasov loved her all his life. Let the "heavy cross get to her share," but they carried it together.

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