Consider - this is what the word?

To take into account is a word that is used asin a direct, and in a figurative sense. From this article you will learn what value it has in both. The fact is that this is a fairly common word, so you need to know what it can take values ​​to later use it competently.

Direct value

If we talk about the direct meaning of this word, thento take into account is to account for specific things. This means that you can take into account certain things that are in your field of vision. In this sense, this word can have synonymous expressions such as "take into account" or "set by calculation, counting". Often, this word is used as a way of saying that a person carefully uses something, because he constantly takes into account these objects.

take this into account

However, as you already understood, this is not the only meaning of the word. To take into account is an example that is used more often in a figurative sense.

Figurative meaning

So, if you take into account what is in theMonday you need to go to the doctor, can you say that you are accounting for any things? Absolutely not, because here it is meant that you take something into account. Thus, in a much more common meaning to consider - this is taken into account, and there is no point in focusing on specific objects. You can take into account, for example, obstacles in your path, as well as abstract concepts, such as the opinion of your interlocutor.

will take into account

This word is very common, andyou need to know how to use it correctly so as not to be in an unpleasant situation. And now, after reading this article, you know for certain, in what situations to use this word, what values ​​it has, so do not make a mistake when using it.

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