Tony Maguire: biography and books

Tony Maguire is a writer who literallyblew up the world with her books. Thanks to this courageous woman, it was possible to draw attention to the problem of violence against children in their own families. Tony Maguire herself, whose books sold millions of copies, finally managed to get rid of childhood memories and horrors, transferring the pain to the pages of her works.

Tony Maguire

Tony became famous in 2007, after the book "Just Do not Tell Mom: The Story of a Betrayal". She is the author's reminiscence about her childhood.

Who is Tony's girl?

If you look for facts about Tony Maguire in the media,there is very little information. The writer tries to stay in the shade, her childhood and youth remain a mystery. If you believe that the plot of her books is based on a personal drama, you can conclude on where she was born.

Tony Maguire

In the story, Tony lived in the Irish town of Coulreyne. From an early age she was sexually abused by her own father. The prototype of the little girl was herself Tony Maguire. "Just Do not Tell Mom" ​​is a work that instantly became a world bestseller and was translated into many languages.

After writing the first book, the writersaid that it helped her to cope with her negative emotions. She realized that being a victim is not shameful. Tony Maguire believes that the topics she touches will force her to speak openly and solve the problem of psychological and physical violence in the family.

By today, four books have appeared from her pen, and their circulation has exceeded 1.5 million.

"Just do not tell mom." The story of one betrayal "

This is the first book of the writer. She tells about her childhood. Describes how the father was bullied by the child, intimidated her, forcing him to remain silent. From the mother's side, there was no protection or understanding. On the contrary, she accused the child of lying and demanded not to disgrace the family. When at the age of 14, Tony makes an abortion, the secret is still revealed. But this does not bring relief. From Tony, all relatives, friends and neighbors turn away.

tony maguire just do not tell mom

Reviews about the book are mostly positive. Readers note that the first person narration makes the heroine feel more deeply. Although there were those who consider the creativity of this author too gloomy. Tony Maguire, whose biography reminds of a creepy thriller, could not tell the story of her childhood in a different way.

"When will daddy come back"

This is the author's second book, it is the continuation of the first part. Tony Maguire narrates about his youth.

With the return of his father from prison, where he sat forrape of her daughter, young Tony has to relive all the horror. The mother plays a happy family, pretending that the spouse repented of the deed. She is extremely interested in the opinion of her neighbors. She does not try to make Tony happy. Seeing the whole situation and realizing that she will not find peace at home, the girl leaves. In the future, she only counts on herself.

Tony Maguire Books

The book is just as heavy as the first one. She is full of sadness. In it, Tony analyzes what happened to her parents, which prompted them to behave this way.

"I'll be you instead of Dad"

This novel Tony Maguire wrote together with Marianne Marsh. The history of the book, as in previous cases, is based on real events.

The narrative is about a lonely girl named Marianne. She grows up in a family where beatings are a common thing, and there is no love from the parents. Friends can not find a child, so he takes attention from his neighbor. He understands that the child is deprived of the love of the parents. Everything begins with friendship. Then inadmissible caresses began, and as a result, the intimidated Marianne gives birth to two children with a neighbor with an interval of 3 years. Afraid of the opinions of others, Marianna gives them to adoptive families.

Tony Maguire Biography

In the beginning of the book, Marianne Marsh thanks for the support of her husband and children. I am glad that they did not turn away from her, after learning the truth. She says thank you to the daughters who met with her and gave him the opportunity to hug.

"No one will come"

Continuing the series of books "Real stories", Tony Maguire writes the next with Robbie Garner. He, like Marianne Marsh, tells the world what happened to him in his childhood.

The book tells of the cruel treatment of children in orphanages, which were on the English island of Jersey.

All 4 books shock. Having read them, you understand what horror we are sometimes surrounded by. Surprising and happy that Tony Maguire, Marianne Marsh and Robbie Garner did not give up. Taking care of themselves independently, in the end they found the strength to live and love.

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