Analysis "At the bottom" (Maxim Gorky). The character of the characters and the philosophy of the play

A very complex work was created by Maxim Gorky. "At the bottom," the summary of which can not be conveyed in several phrases, pushes philosophical reflections on life and its meaning. Carefully written images offer the reader his point of view, however, as always, it is necessary to solve only him.

analysis "At the bottom" Gorky

The plot of the famous play

Analysis "At the bottom" (Gorky M.) is impossible without knowledge of the plot of the play. A red thread through the whole work is a dispute about the capabilities of man and the man himself. The action takes place in the house Kostylevy - a place that, as if forgotten by God, is detached from the civilized world of people. Every inhabitant here long ago lost professional, social, social, spiritual, family ties. Almost all of them consider their situation to be abnormal, hence the unwillingness to know anything about their neighbors, a certain bitterness, vices. Once in the bottom, the characters have their own life position, they know only their own truth. Can anything save them, or are they lost souls for society?

"At the bottom" (Gorky): the characters of the work and their characters

In the ongoing dispute throughout the play, three vital positions are especially important: Luke, Bubnov, Satin. All of them differ in destiny, and their names are also symbolic.

"At the bottom" Bitter heroes
Luke is considered the most complex way. It is his character that pushes thoughts about what is best - compassion or truth. And is it possible to use lies in the name of compassion, as this character does? A thorough analysis of "At the bottom" (Gorky) shows that Luke embodies this positive quality in himself. He facilitates Anna's death throes, gives hope to Actor and Ash. However, the disappearance of the hero leads others to a catastrophe, which could not be.

Bubnov is by nature a fatalist. He believes that a person can not change anything, and his fate is determined by the will of the Lord, circumstances and laws. This hero is indifferent to others, to their sufferings, and also to himself. He sails with the current and does not even try to get ashore. Thus, the author emphasizes the danger of such a credo.

Doing analysis "At the bottom" (Gorky), it is worth paying attention to Satin, who firmly believes that man is the master of his destiny, and everything is the business of his hands.

Gorky "At the bottom" is a short

However, preaching noble ideals, he himselfHe is a scooter, he despises others, he wants to live without working. Clever, educated, strong, this character could get out of the quagmire, but does not want to do it. His free man, who, according to Satin himself, "sounds proudly" becomes an ideologist of evil.

Instead of concluding

It is worth considering that Satin and Luke - the heroes are paired,similar. Their names are symbolic and nonrandom. The first is associated with the devil, Satan. The second, despite the biblical origin of the name, also serves the crafty. Concluding the analysis "At the bottom" (Gorky), I want to note that the author wanted to convey to us that truth can save the world, but compassion is no less important. The reader himself must choose a position that will be correct for him. However, the question of the person and his capabilities still remains open.

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