Elena Lobanova: the work of the writer

Elena Lobanova is a modern Russian writer who has become fond of readers with her books. She writes her works both in the fantasy genre and in the genre of the philosophical and love novel.

About the writer

About the biography of Elena Lobanova nothing is known. No information about it can be found on the networks. Elena Lobanova's photo is also missing on the Internet.

"Without limit"

Elena Lobanova's novel is written in the genre of fantasy.

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The protagonist was incredibly happy. The ship carried it from one continent to another. Last years dragged on forever. And all because of the role that he had to play on the continent, from which he managed to finally get out. And this continent still existed and did not intend to surrender to intelligent beings ...


The work of Elena Lobanova is written in the genre of fantasy.

The water slowly left the river bed. Merchants have already left, while the current could carry their boats. The city grew quieter and calmer. Sounds of agriculture once again returned to the streets. Residents of the town counted their supplies, their money and started to get bored. Only one person in this land was happy - the owner of a local bar ...

"From the life of the reader"

The work of Elena Lobanova is written in the style of a philosophical and love story.

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The main character is a woman who is tired ofendless loneliness and a hopeless relationship with a married man. The only thing she has is the world of books, and which she leaves to forget her sorrows and sorrows. Dreaming to get rid of the routine and routine, a woman suddenly notices that her desires are starting to be performed - a new job that she likes, a new relationship with a famous writer ... But how much this differs from what she read in books! It is not easy to find happiness for those who have linked their lives with literature!


The main character has always lived a calm andmeasured life. Her uncle was a scientist of magic. He was not much different from other mages, he was just smart. And since he had no more loved ones, he always experimented with his niece. How unpleasant it is to be a guinea pig ... That's how the main heroine considered her whole life. But how would her life be without these experiments? That's right, she would be boring and uninteresting!

"On both sides of love"

The main character is an ordinary teacher whoeveryone is considered a rather strange person. And why? That's why she devotes her free time not to home affairs and children, but to writing a huge work about the fate of the great Alighieri. Why waste your time on this, if the book still will never print? But if you strongly believe, everything will come true ... That's exactly what happened to the main character.


And now imagine that you are an elf from a high andknown kind. You are a specialist in the psychology of people involved in trade. Sounds good, right? And now imagine that you know about the feelings of people only from textbooks. And your actions are perceived by people quite differently than you expected ... Difficult, is not it?

"Family values"

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Can you change what you were destined for? How to find a way out in that routine labyrinth in which you are stuck? Eternal lack of money, lack of love, unloved work, quarrels with children ... How, finally, get rid of this gloomy routine?


Imagine you are walking along the street, and on your headsomething heavy falls. And then you lie unconscious. Suddenly you wake up, look around, and around - an absolutely incomprehensible world. You are surrounded by elves, gnomes ... Have you gone mad inadvertently? And if you become a hero of this parallel world? Wow, dreamed! But this is what happened to the main character! But there are not so many other such worlds, even all their expanses will not suffice for such brave souls! And you know what? Enough and one world for all such heroes!

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