Compile is what?

In the modern world very often you can meetthe word "compilation", as well as the verb "compile". These are rather interesting words, which have different meanings depending on the sphere in which they are used. In total, the main areas can be identified three - programming, music and literature. In the modern world, compilation is much more often used in relation to computer programs, in other spheres synonyms of the given word are more often used.

Compiling in programming

compile this

If we take the most relevant sphere of use,that is, programming, then the meaning is quite simple. Compile is to re-code the program code to make it more universal. For example, a programmer created his program in a specific language, but how exactly can you run it for users who do not have this software environment? It is for this purpose that a special compiler is used that can compile the program, that is, make the simplest code out of it. It can then be played on any computer without the need for additional software. Thus, compiled languages ​​are those programming languages ​​that you can easily compile to get the base code. That is, these languages ​​include the most popular and often used options.

In music

However, this word, as already mentioned above,is used not only in programming. He has other uses, for example, music. In this case, to compile is to compile a collection of compositions that are united by one single theme. It can be as one performer, and one time line, one genre and so on. But there is another meaning - when a new work is composed of several pieces of music. So to compile is also to create something new from the elements of the old. Naturally, it's worth doing only with the permission of the composers and performers of those songs and melodies that you use - otherwise it will be plagiarism, for which you can be punished.

In literature

compiled languages

Separately it is necessary to talk about literature: here compilation is writing based on existing literary works with their use. However, it is worthwhile to understand that in this case compilation and plagiarism are not the same thing. When plagiarized, ideas and texts of authors are used without their knowledge, in order to give them out for their own creativity. If it is a question of compilation, then there is work with a large number of sources that are used to create informative material. The most striking example of compilation in the literature is the encyclopedia.

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