Nekrasov's verse, which is easy to learn: a short description

ON. Nekrasov - one of the most famous poets of Russia in the XIX century. His poems are still studied in school, and creativity occupies a prominent place in the history of Russian poetry, along with other renowned authors of the era.

Brief description of works

Poet's poem is distinguished by an acute socialDirectivity. The author paid special attention to the description of rural life, the hard working life of the rural population, and simple peasants. That's why his compositions sound so truthfully, sincerely, deeply. Without exaggeration, we can say that according to the author's works one can study the peasant life in Russia in the era of serfdom.

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The main motive of his works is heavyreflections on the complex and total deprivation of life of rural workers, and an attempt to understand why these ordinary people who actually fed the country suffer so much from disease, hunger and poverty. The poet's works were very relevant for his time, he was very popular among the diverse, democratic youth who craved for serious reforms and changes. But at the same time the poet was also appreciated among the intelligentsia. It is known that Dostoevsky highly valued the work of his contemporary: motifs from his works appeared more than once in the works of this famous novelist.

Folk themes in creativity

Nekrasov's verse, which is easy to learn, is inFirst of all, of course, an essay based on Russian folklore called "Oh, full, full of a box". This poem was laid to music, and in performance it sounds like a folk piece. It's no surprise that this piece has become so popular, so you can still hear it at concerts and audio recordings.

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Another Nekrasov's verse, which is easy to learn, iswork "Uncompressed strip". It is devoted to the description of the heavy peasant life. This work is written in a very rhythmic style and therefore very easy to remember for schoolchildren. At the lessons of literature, this poem is taken as a basis for acquaintance with the work of Nekrasov. It is very easy to remember also because it has a clear structure and composition: it is divided into two parts according to the meaning: first, there is a description of the arable land, where the author emphasizes the diligence of the peasant who gave such a good harvest, and then a description of the heavy share of the hulk which does not have the strength to remove the ripened wheat.

About the people

Another Nekrasov's verse, which is easy to learn, ishis famous work "Reflections at the front door". This poem is quite voluminous, but its design and composition are distinguished by a great semantic load, and therefore it is easy enough to remember. Traditionally, it is this work of the teacher that is chosen for work in the lesson with the poet's writings. It was in him that his main ideas about the life of the simple Russian people found their expression. This verse of Nekrasov, which is easy to learn, is perfect for high school students.

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Civil, patriotic themes takea prominent place in the poet's work. He was particularly sensitive to the social problems of his society, so, like no other, he was able to describe the heavy share of the common people. Nekrasov's poems, which are easy to learn (20 lines), despite the variety of subjects, are imbued with the pathos of civil freedom. For example, the work "Understanding the Horrors of War ..." is compact enough and at the same time very expressive. It can be offered to middle school students. In general, the poet's works are sufficiently simple to memorize, because the author expressed himself very simply and clearly, without unnecessary phraseological turns.

About life

Poems of Nekrasov, who easily learn (20 lines),are capacious and expressive in sound. For example, the composition "The Man of the Forties" is very simple in its construction and at the same time full of profound meaning. In it the author summed up his life and his creativity, and such works are always popular among adolescents, who are just beginning to form a certain type of worldview.

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Short poems by Nekrasov, who easily learn,are very concise and laconic in their design, and this, perhaps, is their fundamental difference from the works of other poets, his contemporaries and predecessors. For example, the poem "A Man Only Alone ..." is also a peculiar reflection of the poet about the meaning of life and about the fate of an individual in general. It has a small volume, so it can be safely offered to middle-level students.

Sentimental lyrics

Nekrasov's poems about love that are easy to learn -topic for a separate conversation. In general, the poet's love poetry is very specific. He is very simple and brief in expressing his feelings, his lyrics are very similar to folk motifs. For example, the composition "I'm captivated, I'm fascinated ..." is very rhythmic, melodic and at the same time reminiscent of folk chants in its structure. The author makes his confession in a slightly jocular and playful form, which gives a peculiar charm to this composition.

Nekrasov's poems about love, which are easy to learn,differ in tone. For example, the work "How Mild as You Are Docile ..." has a completely different sound: it is devoted to the theme of a deceased passion and is full of bitterness for the fate of an abandoned woman.

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