Story "Angel": a short summary. "Angel" Andreeva

It is considered the ancestor of the Russianexpressionist writer of the late 19th - early 20th century Leonid Andreev. "Angel" is a program product of the writer, which is a small Christmas story.

About the work

a short summary of angels andreev

The work was devoted to the writer's wifeAlexandra Mikhailovna Veligorskaya and has an autobiographical basis. In his childhood, LN Andreev saw how a similar Christmas angel melted like the one described in the story. With the help of the fragility of a wax angel, the writer shows how quickly the happiness of destitute and humiliated people is. You can also relate the toy to the image of the guardian angel.

Block praised Andreev's work andIn 1909 he wrote on his motives the poem "The Angel of the Saddle." In addition, the poet compared Andreev's work with the story "A Boy by Christ on a Christmas Tree" by Dostoevsky and wrote that Sasha was forcibly brought to a festive paradise. And everything was there, as usual in decent homes - peacefully, simply and badly.

Abstract: "Angel" Andreeva

The protagonist of the story is the boy Sashka, whohas a bold and unruly soul. He can not calmly look at the evil around and revenge life. He expresses his protest in the following: he beat his comrades, tore up the textbooks, ruffled his superiors and deceived his mother and parents.

Just before Christmas, the boy is expelled from the gymnasium. However, despite this, Sashka is invited to a rich house on a Christmas tree.

Ivan Savich, Sashka's father, a drunk and long-fallen man, but in his heart he remained a good little fellow. He asks his son, before he goes to visit, to bring something from the tree.

Being in a big beautiful house was veryuncomfortable. This "evil boy", as he called him, looked at the beautiful, clean and well-fed children, and it seemed to him as if "iron hands" had squeezed his heart in a vice and squeezed blood to the last drop.


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Describes the moment of the degeneration of the main character shortcontent ("Angel" Andreev). The reader sees how unexpectedly Sashki's "narrow eyes" start to gleam in amazement. What was the reason? It turned out that on one side of the tree, which was considered her underside, was illuminated weaker and was turned towards the boy, he saw a wax angel. He was carelessly hanged among thick dark branches, and the impression was created that he was floating in the air. This is what the surrounding landscape lacked.

Sashka saw that the face of the angel was by no means completejoy or sadness, it showed a completely different feeling. This feeling could not be conveyed in words or define a thought, it could be understood "just the same feeling." The boy did not know what power attracted him to the toy, but he was sure that he always knew this angel and loved.


Our summary is coming to an end. The "Angel" by Andreev is very penetrating, but at the same time a sad story. The protagonist, fascinated by the sight of an angel, starts begging for a toy from the landlady. At first he does it rudely, but then he kneels. The hostess finally agrees. Sashka rejoices. And in this world everyone is aware of the similarity of the face of the angel and this awkward schoolgirl who has long grown out of his clothes.

leonid andreev angel

The boy brings home a toy. His father is also in shock. They begin to feel similar feelings, looking at the angel. Soon they both fall asleep. The wax angel remains hanging by the melted stove. The toy begins to melt, and now it falls to the floor "with a soft knock." It is not clear whether this meeting with a wonderful toy will be the beginning of a miracle or its end. This concludes the story - we have outlined its brief content. "Angel" Andreev made a great impression on the writer's contemporaries. However, the story managed to remain relevant today.

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