A. P. Chekhov. Interesting facts from the life of Chekhov

Interesting facts about Chekhov's life are briefcharacterize him as a person. But they give an understanding of his essence, not as a writer, but as an average person, friend, son, husband. Everyone knows his work and his biography almost from the cradle, and quotes from stories and plays are so densely used that, repeating them, we do not suspect that we are passing on the words of the greatest Russian prose writer.

Alas, not being contemporaries of the writer, we are notwe can know exactly his habits, habits. The biography learned from school still does not give a sufficient idea of ​​the character, about which person Chekhov was. Interesting facts from life reveal the veil of this mystery.

Childhood of Chekhov

It is difficult to imagine a person whochildhood had so much time. Permanent work in the father's shop, study of the tailor's craft, singing in the choir, studying. He did not have time to play and frolic with other neighbor children. At the same time he managed not to lose himself, but constantly strove to develop in different directions.

Tsar Nicholas II complimented Anton Pavlovichthe title of hereditary nobleman. But the future writer refused. This greatly surprised the public, because his family was enslaved, and only grandfather managed to get free for himself and relatives.

interesting facts from Czech life
Some interesting facts from the life of Chekhovconcern the origin of his family name. Contrary to the opinion of the relatives of Anton Pavlovich, they did not get the name from the nationality of the ancestor, who was supposedly a Czech, but from the ancient name Cech.

Youth and maturity of the writer

Not everyone knows that Chekhov is almost five years oldHe worked "Ghostwriter". He wrote stories for various magazines under the order without the publication of authorship. Sometimes I even had to write "jeans", but more often it was ordered by humorous stories.

Interesting facts from the life of Chekhov's AP are dispelled and the myth that he was small, in the direct sense of the word, a man. His growth was actually 1.8 m, which is above average.

Many interesting facts from Chekhov's life are connected withhis illness. He hid from others for a long time that he was ill. When the disease began to progress, I never complained and asked for help from relatives or friends. Many of his contemporaries remember that he was dying before his eyes. At the same time he always kept cheerfulness and steadfastness.

His close friend Ivan Bunin later recalled,that there was unimaginable pain and tragedy in this gaiety. So, walking once through the streets of Yalta, they saw a female silhouette in the window. Wanting to joke, Anton Pavlovich asked if she had heard that Bunin had been killed. By the way, the "dead" stood calmly beside him and could hardly restrain his laughter. Later he understood where Chekhov had come from with such an idea - during the next bout of coughing he had soaked a handkerchief with blood.

Interesting facts from the work of Chekhov

Many will find it absurd when a successful writeredit amateur stories from newspapers and magazines just for your pleasure. But this was one of Anton Pavlovitch's favorite pursuits. He asked his friends to send stories for "polishing". Such leisure activities called gymnastics for the mind.

interesting facts from the life of Chekhov
Rarely subscribed to his name underworks of Chekhov. Interesting facts from the life of his and friends, places and people told him funny nicknames. So, count for the Italian it was possible by the name of Chekhonte. Sometimes they could see under his works the signature of Uncle, Champagne, Propter, Zebul, and many others. The writer had about 50 of them.

Fills up interesting facts from the life of Chekhov A.P. and his friendship with M. Gorky. It was with the presentation of Anton Pavlovich, Maxim Gorky began to try his hand at drama. Chekhov claimed that his friend was from the same test, from which artists are made in the broadest sense of the word.

Funny events during wandering

Epic personality, the legendary Sonka GoldThe pen is known to us from a story written by Anton Chekhov. Interesting facts from the life of the great fraudster are not taken from the air. Traveling through Southern Sakhalin, the writer visited all the villages. In them, as you know, lived free people or criminals in exile. One of the violators of the law was Sofia Blyufstein, who became the prototype of the heroine.

interesting facts from the life of Chekhov
It is thanks to Chekhov that Taganrog canboasting a monument to Peter the Great. When Anton Pavlovich lived in Paris, he saw the sculpture of the famous master Antokolstky. His work impressed the writer, and he did not fail the opportunity to solicit a monument for his native Taganrog.

Chekhov's hobbies

Interesting facts about Chekhov's life also concern himhobbies. Few people knew that the writer liked to collect stamps. He painstakingly replenished his collection, adding souvenirs from countries he visited. And this: Poland, France, Germany, Italy and all corners of Russia.

Favorite Chekhov dogs are dachshunds. And especially two, which he gave Nikolai Leikin. Cheerful by nature, Anton Pavlovich chose bizarre names for his pets. Where else can you meet Brom Isaevitch and Hina Markovna?

Another hobby that had andpractical significance, there were notebooks. They had a countless number of Chekhov's. He wrote down everything that attracted his attention. By the way, more than one pseudonym was born precisely because of these notebooks.

Anton Chekhov interesting facts from life
Listening to what the people were saying, the writer drew ideas for his expositions and endowed the characters with phrases that later became winged.


Chekhov, like any other person, hadtheir traditions and habits. Many of them go back to childhood. So, the well-known appeal to the closet is by no means an invention of the writer, but a memory that was useful when writing the "Cherry Orchard". In a joke you can say that the only and unshakable deity for any child is sweets. And the main obstacle on their way to them is the place where their mother hides them. So it was in the Chekhov family. In order to appease the evil candy Cerberus, the children turned to the cupboard as "dear and respected".

interesting facts from Chekhov's life briefly
Scary is not love for stories about yourself - another onea tradition that Chekhov did not change. Interesting facts from life, curiosities or the same dry biography he told personally to those who asked about it, or preferred to keep silent at all. He explained this modesty with a joke - he said that he had autobiografophobia. Especially when it came to articles about myself for magazines or newspapers.

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