Zinaida Mirkina. Biography

Zinaida Mirkina is a well-known Russian poetess,which became famous mainly due to its philosophical lyrics. The continuous motif of her creativity, which can be traced in almost every poem - the spiritual development of man, the relationship of man and God. Do you want to know more about the way, creativity and vital views of this poetess? Welcome to this article!

Zinaida Mirkina. Biography

Zinaida Mirkina

The future poetess was born in 1926 inthe Russian city of Moscow. Her family had revolutionary inclinations. Father Mirkina was a member of the Bolshevik party (since 1920) and a member of the so-called Baku underground. Mother was a regular Komsomol member. The atmosphere of a deep faith in the revolution and its ideals reigned in the Mirkin's house. Young people believed that for their ideals it was necessary to make concessions and lead an ascetic way of life. Thus, Zinaida's father, being the deputy director of the Heat Engineering Department, received a maximum of one. And this is four times less than the non-party earned in the same position.

The revolutionary atmosphere influenced the formation ofZinaids as a person. However, at the age of 14, she first thought about the discrepancy between the cultivated ideology and real life. From reflection, the girl was brought out a book called "The Man Changes the Skin" by B. Yasensky. This work greatly influenced the views of the future poetess. Zinaida finally realized that the belief in ideals and "fire in the soul" is more important than any material values.

The Great Patriotic War

During the war, the Mirkin family was evacuated toNovosibirsk. During this time Zinaida studied at the Novosibirsk school № 50. It was quite a difficult period for the girl. The brink of hunger, teenage problems, a new collective, exhausting work in the Soviet economy - all this was pressing on the future poetess. Nevertheless, there were also positive moments. At this time, Zinaida Mirkina made her first steps in literature. The girl became the editor of the school wall newspaper, which was a huge success among local educational institutions.

In 1943, Zinaida Mirkina returned to Moscow. There she enrolled at the Faculty of Philology at Moscow State University. And again Mirkin suffers from contradictions. The girl wanted to study literature with all her heart. However, she considered this to be a useless occupation, which would in no way help her country, suffering from a grueling war. Therefore, Zinaida planned to transfer to a technical profession and become an engineer. Nevertheless, Pinsky's lectures persuaded Zinaida that literature plays a huge role in the development of the nation and the country.

Zinaida Mirkina. Poetess. A photo

Zinaida Mirkina biography

In her student years, Zinaida began to get carried awayreligion. She completely read the Bible, and the Old Testament made a great impression on the girl. Zinaida grew up in an atheistic family. Nevertheless, she began to understand that she could not live like this. As a result, the girl abandoned her atheistic views. At the same time Zinaida Mirkina began to write religious poems. The girl defended her thesis work. Nevertheless, the poetess could not pass the state exams because of a serious illness that chained her to bed for five whole years. Also, Zinaida had to interrupt her creative activity.

Further activities

Zinaida Mirkina poetess photo

When Mirkin still overcome the disease, sheagain took up poetry. But, because of the thematic focus, the girl could not publish her poems. It is for this reason that most of the work has gone "into the box". In order to feed herself, Mirkina was engaged in translations of Soviet poets from various republics. Also, Zinaida spent literary evenings among her friends. There the poet read out her own works. In 1960, on one of those evenings, Zinaida Mirkina met Grigory Pomerantseva, who collected material for the literary magazine "Syntax." Relations between them began. As a result, in 1961, Grigory and Zinaida tied their lives in marriage.

Creativity of the poetess

One of the most interesting poets who write onreligious themes - Zinaida Mirkina. Creativity of this writer is characterized by incredible optimism, pathetic and sublime. This effect is achieved through various literary techniques that Mirkin skillfully weaves into his works. Zinaida in her work repeatedly touches upon eternal topics concerning faith and religion in general.

Zinaida Mirkina creativity

Nevertheless, Mirkin's bibliography does not consist ofonly from religious lyrics. During the years of her literary career Zinaida wrote a lot of fairy tales and even a couple of poems. Separate attention worthy of an essay on the great writers of the past. Mirkina wrote about Pushkin ("Genius and Villainy"), Dostoevsky ("Truth and Her Twins"), Tsvetaeva ("Fire and Ashes"). In addition, Mirkin enriched the domestic literary treasury with translations of famous Soviet writers.

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