Leo Tolstoy, "Adolescence": a short summary of the story

The story "Adolescence" of Leo Tolstoy was the second book in the author's pseudo-autobiographical series.

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It was printed in 1854. It describes the moments happening in the life of an ordinary teenager of that time: betrayal and a change of values, the first love experiences and so on. So, Leo Tolstoy, "Adolescence": a brief summary of the work.

Changes in the soul of Nikolenka after moving to Moscow

As soon as Nikolenka arrived in Moscow, heI felt that not only the world around him has changed, but he himself too. He does not pass the tears of his grandmother, who grieves after the death of his daughter, nor the bitterness of his elder brother Volodya. Nicholas envies his outer beauty, trying to convince himself that appearance does not affect personal happiness in any way. Our hero quarrels with his brother, but finds the strength to forgive him. Nikolenko hides all his thoughts deep in his soul. He believes that he is doomed to loneliness. So described the main character Leo Tolstoy. "Adolescence", a summary of which is given in this article, reflects not only some of the events that took place in the life of the young author at one time, but also his thoughts and thoughts.

Parting with his grandfather Karl Ivanych

Once the brothers found a lead shot and had the imprudence to play with it. This immediately became known to their grandmother.

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That, in turn, accused of grandfather's negligenceVolodya and Nikolenko Karl Ivanitch. The result of the adult quarrel was their decision to take in the tutor's house for the education of boys. Nicholas very much worried about the fact that now he will very rarely see his grandfather. Despite the fact that Karl Ivanych's character was not easy, he loved children and grandchildren in his own way and tried to teach them life. In the XIX century, wrote his story Tolstoy ("Adolescence"). Its brief content can hardly convey the fullness of the sensations and experiences of the maturing boy. Times change, and we easily find out in these views of a teenager of that time their own thoughts.

Experiences and fierce Nicholas

After the French-tutor appeared in the house,everything has changed. Nikolenko's relations with him did not add up. Sometimes he himself did not understand why so much aggression and bitterness is causing this person in him. Once he even hit the tutor. When Volodya tries to find out from him what has happened to him, Nikolenka replies that all of him became instantly disgusting. The next trick of a young boy is an attempt to penetrate his father's portfolio. At the same time, he breaks the key, and immediately everyone becomes aware of this. Nicholas is threatened with rods and locked in a dark closet. With our hero there are convulsions. He is laid on the bed and given the opportunity to get enough sleep. After sleep, Nikolenka rises up healthy. Very clearly described the nervous breakdown of the main character, the author Tolstoy. "Adolescence", the brief content of which allows us to trace the chain of events that led to the emergence of this incomprehensible disease, does not lose its relevance in our days.

Influence of Nekhlyudov's friend on the views of the young Nicholas

Soon Volodya entered the university. Nikolenka sincerely rejoices at this. He remains several months before entering the institution. Our hero studies diligently and is preparing to take exams at the Faculty of Mathematics. He has friends: a student Nekhlyudov and adjutant Dubkov. Nicholas began to talk with Nekhlyudov more often.

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He is close to his views aimed at creatingnew society. Henceforth, our hero believes that the correction of mankind is his vocation. From this moment, it seems to him, his new life stage begins. Tolstoy's adolescence, the brief content of which we are considering, is a reflection of the thoughts and aspirations of the youth of those years. Here you can see how cardinally changing the moral values ​​of an adult. Reading this work, you come to the idea that each epoch influences people in its own way.

In the century before last, Leo Tolstoy wrote"Adolescence." The summary of the work is given in this article. In the main hero, perhaps, many recognize themselves in their youth. Therefore, I recommend reading the work in the original.

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