Analysis of the poem "Dagger" by M.Yu. Lermontov.

To all fans of the poet's work,how reverent attitude to the Caucasus Mikhail Yurievich Lermontov. "Dagger" is one of the poems dedicated to the Caucasian peoples and expresses his love for this beautiful land. The work was written at the end of 1837 under the title "Gift", in 1838 the author slightly changed the text and renamed it "Dagger". The beginning of the poem resonates with Pushkin's work of the same name, written in 1821. Perhaps, Mikhail Yuryevich copied his idol in some way, but his work has an expanded content.

an analysis of the poem dagger Lermontov
Analysis of the poem "Dagger" by Lermontovshows that the author does not in vain use in his work the symbol of the struggle against tyranny, but here he also implies a symbol of high nobility, firmness of the soul, loyalty to duty. From the original title of the verse it becomes clear that Mikhail Yuryevich received a weapon from a woman as a gift. From history it is known that the work was written in 1837 shortly before the writer's departure from Georgia. In this country, the poet together with Odoyevsky stayed with the widow of Griboyedov Nina.

Analysis of the poem "Dagger" by Lermontovallows us to understand that this gift was unusual for the author, he admired him, therefore he gives a solemn oath to fulfill his promises and not change the firmness of the soul. Many writers came to the grave of Alexander Griboyedov and stayed with his widow, Mikhail Yurievich was no exception. For him, Nina Griboyedova was the ideal of beauty, cordiality, loyalty and good nature. During their meeting, the woman presented Lermontov and Odoyevsky with a dagger as a sign of friendship, loyalty and honor, because she considered them friends in the lyre.

Lermontov's dagger
The work itself is permeated with an incomprehensible sadness. Analysis of the poem "Dagger" Lermontov requires more to learn about the fate of the giver herself, then it becomes clear whose "blond tear" flowed on the blade, and why she was "the pearl of suffering," about whose black eyes, "filled with mysterious sadness and dumb love" says the poet. Nina Chavchavadze married Griboyedov at the age of 16, and a few months later she had to put on a mourning dress. This woman spent her whole life in the heart of the love of a single man, she did not cry or complain about fate, only a few knew how difficult it was for her to live without her lover.

As a sign of devotion and love, Nina on Mount Mtatsmindaerected a monument to Griboyedov, a figure of kneeling and sobbing woman poured from bronze - this is herself. It was here that public figures and writers from all over Russia came to pay tribute to the memory of the great writer. An analysis of the poem "Dagger" by Lermontov makes it possible to understand how much the author admired the firmness of character, spirit, loyalty to her husband's memory and the high human qualities of Nina.

Lermontov dagger poem
Mikhail Yurievich has an indelible impressionmade a meeting with Griboyedov's widow. After talking with this woman, Lermontov became even more devoted to his ideals. "Dagger" - a poem that symbolizes nobility, loyalty, firmness of character and purposefulness of the poet.

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