Summary of "Merry Family", Nosov Nikolay Nikolaevich

Nikolai Nosov is a famous children's writer. He created a series of stories about two friends - Misha and Kolya. Many people from childhood know the story, when these two mischievous people tried to cook porridge. They poured as much cereal, that the dish was constantly running away and it was necessary to fill the porridge with all the existing dishes. No less interesting to read and the story "Merry Family" Nosov. The main characters of this work are the same. It is interesting to follow their adventures and understand how the fascinating story ended. Those who want to learn this in just 5 minutes will realize their desire by reading the summary. "Funny family" Nosova N. - it's a funny story, read it right now.

a cheerful family - Nosov

Important decision

The story begins with the fact that Kolya tellsabout his friend with a trick. They wanted to build a car from a tin can, but too much water was heated, and Mishka burned his hand. His mother forbade the boys to continue such games. The children went around and they were bored. Time passed, spring came. Now the reader will find out how a brilliant idea was born in the minds of the guys. Help in this summary. The "Merry Family" of Nosov was written using an interesting technique - on its own behalf. After all, it was Nikolai who went to Mishka on that historic day, and he always called different synonyms of his name: Miklukho-Maklai, Nikoladze, Nikola, Mikola. So could actually call Nosov his friends.

So, Nicholas went to Mishka. He called him "Nikoladze" and continued to read the book about poultry farming enthusiastically. The guys got excited about the idea of ​​designing an incubator. A diagram and a description of how to do this were given in the book "Poultry farming". They warmed the box, made a heating element from a can, hung a thermometer. After some time it was decided to replace the can with a lamp.

Everything is closer to the goal

noses funny family

Now I had to take some fresh eggs somewhere. And where exactly, you can find out by continuing to read the summary. "Naughty Family" Nosov, tells that the author came up with the idea to take them from Aunt Natasha. Her family Kolya rented a summer cottage. The woman had her own chickens. The guys came to the woman and asked her for 12 eggs. They put them in an incubator and began to monitor the temperature and turn the eggs every 3 hours. For this they had to take turns on duty even at nights. The children began not to get enough sleep. They did not have time to learn the lessons, and the teacher of arithmetic put them two in their subject.

Chickens hatched

the story of the merry nosov family

After this incident, they came to friends from the classand offered their help. What happened next will be briefed. "The Merry Family" Nosov says that the comrades made up a schedule of duty, and now the children had the opportunity to learn the lessons well and go to bed on time. On the 21st day the long-awaited chickens began to hatch. The joy of the guys was beyond limit. They began to look after living creatures, to feed and water them. The oats, which they had germinated in advance, helped. Then the chickens were taken to Aunt Natasha.

This is an interesting and useful thing forchildren N. Nosov. "Merry Family" teaches children good, love of nature. The tale proves that it is necessary to have friends who will always help. Moreover, it is more fun to learn lessons and do different useful things together.

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